This is the third and last part of this series on fall fashion picks chosen by my clients this season.  If you are just getting caught up, you can read part 1 here and part 2 here.  I decided to save what I think is the best for last– shoes!  Below are some highlights of the shoes my clients purchased this season and why.  My favorite place to take clients for shoes is Lord & Taylor.  They have one of the best selections of shoes in New York City, have a nice range of prices and always have some sort of a sale going on.

The process of pulling shoes for clients can be a bit of a lengthy one, but it is fun.  Prior to an appointment with a client I pre-pull options, usually the day before.  I do this when I shop for clothing for clients, as well.  When a client arrives at the store the next day they are usually looking at a pile of shoe boxes like this.

fall fashion picks The process from there is a lot of trying on, eliminating the duds, setting the maybes aside and drilling down to the final selections.

fall fashino picks

A client choosing her favorites among the contenders.

fall fashion picks

One client’s final selections

Fall Fashion Picks Chosen by My Clients- Shoes

Despite all the differences between all my clients, there were a few selections that were universally loved.  Take a look and see if some of these styles cover some shoes needs for yourself.

Booties, booties…and more booties

Booties were by far the most popular shoe items this fall.  Thankfully there were quite a few to choose from.

Casual booties

fall fashion picksThis first grouping of booties are styles that are casual and, depending on work environment, can also go to work.  The top left wedge style is by Vince Camuto, bought by a client who liked that the wedge was really comfortable and easy to wear in a casual manner.  That same client also bought the lace up booties by Marc Fisher in the top middle that have a built in sock attached.  This client lives in a super cold part of the the country that made both these styles perfect.

The top right style by Vince Camuto Signature was bought by my client for casual and to be worn with leggings, skinny jeans and black opaque tights.  On the bottom right, several clients bought these flat cognac booties, also from Vince Camuto, and what I found was that these booties became a classic riding boot alternative for clients who were looking for something different in addition to their tall riding boots or as a replacement in cases where tall boots just didn’t work with their calves.  These booties look great with skinny jeans, tights and leggings.

On the bottom left, a particular client who needed to really focus on comfort styles, took home the casual pair of booties from Cobb Hill, a lovely comfort brand that is definitely worth checking out.

Heeled casual booties

fall fashion picksThese next two styles fall into the category of work casual but have a bit more of a heel.  The pair on the left, from Gentle Souls, was bought by the same client who really needed stylish boots from comfort brands.  For her, comfort really had to trump fashion so I was thrilled that I could find booties for her that didn’t sacrifice style.  The pair on the right, from Guess, was really embraced by a younger client of mine looking for booties that would work for casual as well as her more casual work environment.  These hit that sweet spot.

Dressy booties

fall fashion picksThese last two booties were bought by clients who were looking for dressier styles.  Both are from Michael Kors.  The pair on the right, the chocolate brown pair, were bought by quite a few clients.  They not only came in brown but also in black and burgundy.  With all the chunkier, casual styles, this particular style seemed to be a home run with just about every client I presented it too.  The burgundy pair on the left, I particularly remember one client buying who envisioned wearing them with tailored pants, like navy, black and grey to jazz up these work looks while also planning on wearing them with opaque tights and dresses.  With the bit of a platform they are much more comfortable than they seem.

Tall boots

fall fashion picksTall boots weren’t nearly as popular as booties this fall.  However, there is a logical reason for this.  Most of my clients work with me every season and some have been with me for years.  The disinterest in tall boots over booties quite likely had to do with the fact that many of my clients already felt covered in this area.  The only two boots styles that really stand out in my mind as memorable are the two above.  The style on the left is from Cole Haan and was bought by a client who walks a lot and needed a tall pair of boots.  The heel height of this style was perfect.  The cognac pair on the right from Donald J. Pliner was a personal favorite of mine at the start of the season.  These shoes may be costly but they are incredibly comfortable and exceptionally made.

Waterproof boots

fall fashion picksMost of my clients live in places that get cold and slushy, making having at least one pair of waterproof boots essential.  Seeing that the majority of my clients are also professional women, having a pair that can look good at work is also important.  La Canadienne was probably the most popular choice.  My only issue with this company is that they really don’t offer many colors beyond black and some of their styles can be a bit frumpy.  However, in terms of frump factor, there were a few diamonds in the rough.  The first tall boot style was purchased by a client who wanted a pair of boots that had a small and supportive heel.  Being a New Yorker, it was also important that she could walk safely in the snow, which is why she chose this pair.  When you have multiple blocks to walk, a thin heel is hardly practical.  Another popular style were these booties (pictured bottom middle) that quite a few clients purchased to wear with dresses and pants for work.

One client who wanted to invest a little more and get even better quality, purchased the Aquatalia booties that are photographed top middle.  While Aquatalia does have quite a few gorgeous styles, even they could stand to expand their basic heeled boot style beyond black.  Had their classic style (link to the boots) come in brown, this client would have bought in it a heartbeat.  Sorry Aquatalia, you missed out on a sale by not having more colors.

The brown booties, by Cole Haan, on the right, were bought by many of my clients more for style than for the fact that they are waterproof.  It’s just a nice, clean, brown suede pair of booties that also come in black.  The fact that these booties are also waterproof was a nice perk.

Lace up booties

fall fashion picks Despite the fact that the military inspired lace up booties were incredibly popular this fall, they weren’t tremendously popular with clients.  What appealed to more of them were heeled lace up versions.  The Lauren Ralph Lauren style on the left was picked up by a few clients looking to wear them with opaque tights and cute dresses and skirts.  The style in the middle by Cobb Hill was chosen by my comfort minded clients and the last pair on the right, from French Connection, was chosen by a client of mine who always seems to choose shoes with just a slight touch of quirk.  She intends on wearing these with both dresses and slim pants.

High heels

fall fashion picksI will admit it, when a client is into high heels it’s really fun.  These clients are usually the ones who have more corporate jobs and need to have a variety of heels to choose from.  There were a few standout styles that are definitely worth bringing to your attention.

The first style, the Mary Jane heels on the top left in cognac from Lauren Ralph Lauren, were so widely embraced by so many clients I can’t remember how many bought them.  While the heel height and style looks daunting and uncomfortable, every time a client put them on they were shocked by how comfortable they were.  A gorgeous pair of shoes that are easy to wear?  A total miracle.

The gold pair pictured top right from Michael Kors I pulled for one client in particular who has a lot of after work events to attend where it isn’t necessarily black tie but where she still needs to look pulled together.  What I liked about these heels was that they were understated and elegant but could easily take her workday looks to night time.  She agreed and was happy to take them home.

The two pairs on the bottom are both by Anne Klein.  The tonal blue pair on the right were another pair of shoes that every single client loved and purchased.  Not only are Anne Klein’s Flexx shoes incredibly comfortable, they are well priced.  Many of my clients who both the blue pair saw these as the more exciting version of basic navy heels.  And loving the comfort and style of them, quite a few of my clients decided to take the black pair with a touch of leopard home with them too.

Mid heels

fall fashion picksNext up, mid heels.  Even my clients who don’t mind teetering around in high heels want some heels that are a bit lower.  The Cole Haan Julianna styles on the top, came in a few colors and the grey and burgundy shades were bought by quite a few clients.

On the bottom left, the Vince Camuto ankle strap style, was bought by one client who just fell in love.  She is one of those clients who give me ankle envy.  She looks great in ankle straps.  These shoes look great with dresses and tailored pants.

The last pair on the right, the red Sam Edelman kitten heel pumps, were bought by so many clients.  Show a woman a pair of wearable red heels in suede and it takes very little convincing to get her to purchase them.  Everything about these pumps were beautiful.


fall fashion picksFlats are definitely more popular with my clients in the spring.  However, many clients buy more professional flats (not soft, casual ballerinas) in the fall for work.  These three particular flats started to become so popular with so many clients that all I had to do was mention them by name to my salesperson and she knew which styles I meant.

First, Sam Edelman knocked it out of the park with their flats this fall.  The first two styles are by him.  The red pair was the perfect alternative to the red kitten heel style showcased previously, and the leopard print was perfect for clients looking to jazz up their more basic looks.  Add to that, both pairs are really comfortable and also look good on the weekends with jeans.

The burgundy pair is by Ivanka Trump and I can’t remember not pulling them for a client appointment.  What was perfect about them was the very trend color, simplistic and basic style and the affordable price.  It was just the perfect pair of flats that hit on trend but won’t go out of style anytime soon.


fall fashion picksLoafers make up a super small percentage of what my clients purchase each season.  Most opt for ballerina style flats over them, but there were a few styles that really stood out.

The first style in deep teal on the left is by Louise et Cie, launched by Louise Camuto, the wife of the late Vince Camuto and a division of the company.  It was so incredibly popular with my clients that many went through the extra steps of special ordering the shoes to get their size.  The shoe is gorgeous and, unfortunately, only has limited sizes left in all the colors available.

On the top right, the suede cognac loafer is by Vince Camuto Signature and is one of those styles that is timeless.  I just remember my client putting it on and saying, “Yes!”  With a pair of skinny jeans or pants, it’s just a smart shoe.

Lastly, this burgundy pair by Michael Kors was chosen by a client of mine who liked the idea of wearing these with pants and skirts with tights.  It’s a preppier look that really does speak to the trend of chunkier heels and more classic silhouettes.  I like that this particular pair has some sturdiness without looking frumpy.

I hope you enjoyed this view of some fall fashion picks made by my clients this season.  It has been great fun to recap this with you.

This will be my last post of the week until Thanksgiving.  Cameron will be posting on Friday with some great gift giving Fab Finds and I will be posting on Sunday with some fantastic gift giving ideas just in time for Cyber Monday.  So be sure to check in with me after the holiday.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving and know that I am extremely grateful to you whenever you have some time to stop by and check out my posts.

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