It’s hard to believe that the holiday shopping season is here, but it is.  To help you out, I have curated a holiday gift guide for 2015 with some great gift ideas to consider.  I love putting together this list.  I feel like Oprah choosing my favorite things.  Take a look at my selections below along with some shopping tips that will help you take on the shopping season like a pro.

Bridgette’s Stylish Holiday Gift Guide for 2015

Gifts for the stylish gal in mind

holiday gift guide for 2015It can be intimidating to shop for any stylish woman you know.  My family and friends stopped buying me anything fashion related since my first year of studying fashion design at FIT because they just assumed they couldn’t get it right.  This isn’t true, however, I can see why anyone would be daunted by this.

Instead of getting your stylish friend or family member a gift card to their favorite retailer, which is totally impersonal, you can’t go wrong with getting them some storage, organization and maintenance products for their wardrobe.  For stocking stuffers, you can consider products from the Hollywood Fashion Tape line or go for a gift pouch of assorted products (Image #1).  They solve every potential style disaster.  Another great stocking stuffer idea is to get your friends cedar blocks (Image #5) to keep the moths away.  It may seem silly, but it’s likely that your stylish friends and family members covet their clothes more than anything else.  Moths are the enemy and cedar and lavender keeps them far away.

Next, storage and organization.  There are a few products I like.  For starters, drawer dividers (Image #2) that are spring loaded can work with any size drawers.   They are really simplistic but incredibly effective.  For the organization of smaller things, like silk scarves, small accessories, and more, I love this diamond shape drawer organizer.  Next, simple shoe bags (Image #3) can help keep shoes dust free and in great shape without the bulk of boxes or bins.  They’re also great for travel.  And for that stylish friend or family member who values their clothing, hanging clothes on good hangers is essential.  My clients love these slim non-slip hangers (Image #8).  Don’t forget to pick up a few coordinating clips, that can be attached to the hangers, for items like skirts and pants.  For jewelry, my favorite boxes for storage are Mink Classic Stackers (Image #6).  They are stackable jewelry boxes that can be expanded.  As your jewelry collection grows you just add on more boxes.

Lastly, I’d be remiss if I didn’t suggest a home steamer (Image #9).  I received one as a gift and it is quite possibly the best and most used present I have gotten in a while.  Every home needs one.  Sayonara iron!

Shopping for fashion during the holidays

holiday gift guide for 2015There are a few tips to keep in mind if you are determined to buy clothing and accessories as gifts.  First, avoid things with very specific sizes and, instead, choose things that come in small, medium or large.  There is a better chance you’ll get the size right.  Second, choose items that are easy to fit, like sweaters and knits.  Tailored pieces impossible to get right and shoes tend to be another hard thing to shop for.  Unless you have gotten a specific style and size from your loved one, just avoid it.  Lastly, you can never go wrong with fashionable accessories, like knit hats, scarves, gloves and jewelry.  You can also consider handbags, but choose colors that are versatile, like black, cognac or metallic.

Some gift ideas to consider could be a large blanket scarf (Image #1) that can worn like a scarf or wrap, birthstone jewelry or gemstones you know the recipient will like (Image #2), or a metallic handbag (Image #3).  You can also choose something that will enhance what they already own, like Hunter boot Liners (Image #4) for rain boots that will give them instant insulation.  If you are going to get someone a sweater, you can never go wrong with cashmere (Image #5).  If you can’t afford cashmere, try to choose a style that is classic and basic enough for general appeal.  Lastly, cold weather accessories.  These are always non-fails. Instead of a scarf, consider a neck warmer (Image #6), and for hats, choose simple knit caps (Image #7) that are more universal than a very specific hat shape that may not work for your recipients face shape or personal style.

Pajamas and Intimates

holiday gift guide for 2015For years, I got pajamas from my grandparents for Christmas.  I still miss this tradition and it doesn’t really feel like Christmas unless I have something warm and fuzzy under my tree, even if I can’t really remember the last time I bought or wore a traditional pair of pajamas.  Loungewear and other intimate products make great gifts, and I don’t just mean sexy lingerie.

You can consider things like a soft pair of loungepants (Image #3), a luxurious bathrobe (Image #4) or a relaxed wrap cardigan (Image #5).  You can also stuff a stocking with a box of Hanky Panky Underwear (Image #2) or pick up a fun pair of slippers (Image #7) as a gift.  Another suggestion is something like a Turbie Twist (Image #6) which is a super absorbent hair towel.

Lastly, Soak Wash (Image #1) for your delicates.  I use this product for my lingerie and it is the easiest and most gentle product around.    It not only works well on lingerie, but it can also be used on fine sweaters and even makeup brushes.  This could be a great add-on gift when giving intimate apparel related gifts or a nice stocking stuffer for someone who loves fine lingerie.

Gifts for the beauty junkie

holiday gift guide for 2015For the makeup and beauty junkie in your life, you can pick up some really great gifts.  Many companies make packaged sets for this time of year, like Kiehls (Image #6), Jo Malone (Image #3) and Drybar (Image #7).  If you don’t know what products your recipient loves, consider a travel makeup bag or storage system (Image #5).

Perhaps the person you are shopping for doesn’t know the benefit of having a variety of makeup brushes.   Personally, I feel like I have more brushes than makeup at this point because your makeup is only as good as the brushes you use.  A nice set (Image #2) can make a great gift.  If want to buy someone makeup, try to avoid specific colors that you think would work for them.  It’s just too risky.  Instead, go for something that works in a more general way, like Kat Von D’s Shade & Contour Palette (Image #4), which I LOVE, and don’t forget the brush specific for this product.

Lastly, for skincare, I have to recommend Paula’s Choice (Image #1).  It might be hard to know which products to purchase for your friend, but being a devout fan of this company, I can’t recommend it enough.  They have some great gifts and packaged sets that are easy to choose from.  This company aside, if your friend or family member has a specific skincare brand they like, it’s likely the company is offering a holiday set for gift giving at your local department store or online.

Tech gifts

holiday gift guide for 2015Being a lover of tech, I chose a few gifts that I’d be happy to receive.  I feel like you can never go wrong with a tech gift, even if your recipient isn’t much of a technology geek.

First, I need the Tile Item Finder (Item #1).  I’m not kidding.  I have spent hours looking for my keys.  For anyone who wastes time looking for things, like I do, this is a great gift idea.

Tech gloves are nothing new, but I have found that most come in sportier materials.  I was happy to find this leather pair (Image #5) that are dressier and more professional from Bloomingdales.  These gloves are a great gift idea for the professional woman in your life.

Next, have you ever gotten caught up in your earbud wires?  I have gotten mine stuck in my coat, twisted around my handbag and I am constantly untangling them.  For friends on the go or those who love to workout, wireless earbuds (Image #4) seems like a smart gift.

Lastly, for the Apple loving one  who you want to spend on, they’ll swoon over the iWatch (Image #3) and, seeing that the iPhone 6S just came out, they might need a new case.  Check out this metallic lovely (Image #2)

Gifts for the Homebody

holiday gift guide for 2015For the gals in your life who you never go out with you, who would rather binge on their favorite Netflix shows than binge on alcohol, there are some great girl’s night in gifts that will ensure they won’t seem like you are hinting that you think they are a loser when they open them.

Instead of dropping it like it’s hot on the dance floor, this mug (Image #1) made me laugh.  For the tea fan, you can also package this tea lovers book (Image #3) with a mug to make the gift even more special.  For the homebodies who like doing projects at home, a DIY necklace kit (Image #4), or at-home manicure system (Image #2) are fabulous gift ideas.  For those who prefer cozy nights on the couch, a soft throw (Image #5) and a monogrammed flameless candle (Image #6) is the safe alternative to candles, especially for those with young kids or those who are averse to scents.

Gift ideas for friends on the go

holiday gift ideas for 2015You have these women in your life who are always doing something, taking on a new hobby or, simply, can’t sit still.  While it may be hard to keep up with them and their hobbies, you can get them some gifts that can.

First, a new yoga mat tote (Image #1).  I chose this one because the bag hangs the mat vertically instead of horizontally.  As a yogi myself, I always hate how my horizontal yoga bag often knocks into things.  I always feel like the flight attendant in the movie Airplane when she hits all the passengers with the nun’s guitar.  To keep your friend going, a personalized coffee sleeve (Image #3) will keep your recipient’s hand cool while looking cool and makes a great stocking stuffer.

For the bicycle enthusiast, I loved the bicycle repair kit in a can (Image #4) and, speaking of gadgets, this multi-tool is part pen knife, file, nutcracker, screwdriver, and hammer, and portable (Image #2).  Plus, the company supports the organization WaterAid, which helps provide clean drinking water to people around the world.

Rounding out the list, you you can’t fail with a small pouch that your gal pals can use to tote her essentials, like this monogrammed style (Image #6) and she can keep track of her active life with a Jawbone Fitness Tracker (Image #5).   Finally, in the day of high tech and paperless, there are still quite a few who prefer to organize their lives in a classic calendar.  You can still keep it cool with a diary style date book, like this one from Kate Spade (Image #7).

Shopping for the holidays can be such a challenging and daunting endeavor.  I hope this holiday gift guide for 2015 makes shopping for all the different types of friends and family a little easier while also getting you excited to start shopping…even if it is for yourself.