Double Giveaway! Everything is coming up WIN here today!

On my first trip to New York I was THRILLED to find someone selling knockoff bags. I selected an obviously fake Prada bag that I adored.  I honestly didn’t care about the Prada label. I loved it because it has 8 pockets! It was so easy to keep things organized.  Purses are so important in New York. Your entire day has to fit in there!  I was bereft when only a few months later fake Prada began to rip at the seams.  I repaired it time and time again but it just wasn’t well made.

Now I have a wonderful resource for high quality bags at great prices and yes they have pockets! Baggallini!   I was lucky enough to get an Everywhere Bagg and it keeps everything organized and looks great.

There is one one big problem with bags: What do you do when you have to set them down for a minute? There are some bars I go to for a drink rather than others simply because they have hooks where you can put your purse.  I hate putting my bag on the floor and there’s really no room for it on the bar.  But what about when you sit at a table?   I’m in love with the Clipa. You can hang your purse pretty much anywhere and it will stay. My purse will never touch a public bathroom floor again.

One VERY lucky Bridgette Raes reader will win them both!  Leave a comment below about why you would like to win the Baggallini Everywhere Bagg and the Clipa.