One week before Christmas. Isn’t it time for you to think of yourself?  Here at Bridgette Raes we’ve hunted down two AMAZING Fab Finds that will expand your wardrobe and comfort your feet. Don’t you deserve that?

Sleevey Wonders

Don’t you hate it when your favorite dress or top doesn’t have sleeves and you can’t find the right thing to wear over it?  Here’s a way to cover your arms and get that spring summer wardrobe out in January.   Sleevey Wonders  are amazing reversible slip sleeves you can comfortably wear under your sleeveless dresses and tops.  Instead of covering up your beautiful look with an out-of-place jacket or sweater or feeling uncomfortable with exposed arms, this is a great alternative.  They won’t add bulk and they’ll expand your wardrobe!


But what about your feet? Winter means boots. I adore boots they can be uncomfortable. Now there are socks expressly made for boots! Is that genius or what?  Bootights.  This isn’t the first time we’ve featured Bootights on this blog, but we love them so much we had to feature them again.

Designed to be worn with boots, they’re tights that have a cushioned sock attached.  It’s one less thing to think about. No more scrounging around for the right socks to layer over your thin tights. It’s all-in-one.

About Bootights

• It’s No Sweat! – Moisture-wicking fibers keep feet cool & dry.
• Snug as a Bug – Compression arch support that hugs your feet for a contoured fit.
• Just Venting – A strategically placed mesh zone provides supreme ventilation.
• Walking on Clouds – Extra cushioning in the toe and heel, where you want it.
• Toe the Line – Flat toe seam eliminates uncomfortable “tight toe.”

Get shopping now!