When you live in New York City you walk A LOT.  Every day on the subway I see advertisements for podiatrists. You don’t think about your feet much until they hurt. Then you realize without properly functioning feet, the entire works get jammed up.

Having healthy feet impacts you more than you realize. When your feet don’t hurt you feel more comfortable, you move around more and burn more calories. Poor fitting shoes can actually damage your knees and your spine. Fashion may hurt sometimes but it should never injure!


If you have been struggling with foot pain, you need to know about Superfeet.

The human foot was designed to adapt to uneven, natural terrain, yet the world has become flatter, harder, and less natural thanks to man-made surfaces, like concrete sidewalks, tile floors, and paved roads. For your feet, it’s exhausting. The unique Superfeet insole shape compensates for harder surfaces, and adapts the two-dimensional midsoles built into today’s shoes for a better fit.

Three Keys their product:

1. Structured heel cup: Encapsulates and positions the soft tissue under the heel, maximizing natural shock absorption.

2. Rearfoot support: The support you feel towards the back of your arch and the front of your heel is the distinct Superfeet shape stabilizing the rearfoot.

3. Firm stabilization: A firm foam layer and a stabilizer cap combine to create the supportive shape that Superfeet are famous for.

Ready to have healthier more supported feet?  Leave a comment below and say why you need  Superfeet in your life and you can win a pair.