I’m not a fan of Valentine’s day. If you knew my history, aka that dumpster fire that is my love life, you would understand. It seems cruel to me that there is a day to celebrate romance. If you have a strong healthy romantic relationship, why do you have to parade it in front of people who are alone or wish they were?

Forget Valentines day, This year I’m celebrating “Galentine’s Day.” Feb 14th may be about romance but Feb 13th is a day to celebrate your lady friends. And what better gift for your best girlfriend is there than a Home T?

We have featured The Home T before but sometimes a product is just so great, you just have to mention it again, especially when they have a few product, Shower Curtains!

And for those of you cannot find the perfect Valentine’s gift for your man, Home T has an assortment of wonderful ideas. Most guys (at least the ones I have known) don’t necessarily want a ‘romantic’ gift on Valentine’s Day. A shower curtain with their home state or the country they were born in can be much more personal than chocolate roses.

Basically Home T feature a tons of wonderful products,that make amazing practical and personal presents. . The t shirts and hoodies are so soft it’s crazy, made in the USA and 10% of their profits are donated to fund research into treatments for multiple sclerosis.

What are you waiting for? Check out The Home T.