There is a bit of a funny story behind my decision to review the athletic apparel company RaesWear.  Normally, when a company reaches out to me about a product, I forward it to Cameron, my Friday Fab Finds writer, to follow up.  However, I read the email from RaesWear right before going to bed and woke up the following morning actually thinking I dreamt that there was a company with my last name.   So, let me start off by being clear, I have absolutely no connection to this company, it’s just a funny coincidence.  It did get my attention though.


Company name aside, what got me intrigued about RaesWear was the ingenuity of the pants.  Founer/Inventor Leigh Cockram created them on the need to carry more than one item in her workout pants.   After being tired of not having a place to comfortably store her phone, ID, hotel key and money when traveling out of town, she designed and tested fabrics for the perfect pouch pant.

RaesWear sent me a pair of pants to try out and I took them for a spin this past weekend while out for a run.  While I didn’t feel completely confident putting my debit card in the pouch, I did use the front pouch to hold my keys and, a few times, my iPhone.  I tucked my keys deep within the pocket pouch and they stayed secure, even though I did find myself feeling around my waist a few times just to make sure.  My lack of confidence aside, I am quite sure that my debit card would have stayed just as secure as my keys.  With front and back pockets, you’d be amazed all you can fit in them.

I addition to sports, RaesWear shorts, pants, skirts, tights, skorts and, something called skapris (more often referred to as skeggings), these bottoms can be worn beyond athletic pastimes, like using them to stow extra tennis balls.  They’re convenient for any situation where you want to be hands free, don’t want to lug a bag and don’t want to look like a dork wearing a fanny pack.

If you love your beloved yoga pants and leggings, but hate the fact that you have nowhere to stow your stuff, check out RaesWear here.  Need a little more incentive?  Enjoy a 15% discount on your order when you use the code BRAES15.