Years ago during the ridiculous “Freedom Fries” debate, I watched people pour out wine to show their displeasure with France’s refusal to support Dubya’s invasion of Iraq. Politics aside, I wanted to scream “You cannot boycott a product you’ve already purchased!” The vendor already HAS your money. So you’re just wasting perfectly good, delicious wine.

Likewise, I know many people who would never buy fur, yet, somehow, own fur coats. I used to own one gifted to me by a cousin who once lived in Wisconsin. Others inherit furs from deceased relatives, find them in old closets from gifters unknown and some even purchase it only to have a change of conscience when they realize what fur truly means. They don’t want to wear it but at the same time they don’t want to waste it. Could there be a use for this fur?

Born Free USA Fur Donation

Born Free USA  just wrapped up their second annual Born Free: Fur for the Animals campaign, a four-month fur donation drive that collected 392 fur items (view the photos of the donations) from around the world to distribute to U.S. wildlife rehabilitation centers, where they will be used to comfort orphaned and injured animals.

fur donation

According to Adam M. Roberts, CEO of Born Free USA and Born Free Foundation, “It is quite a dramatic statement by the public for us to receive nearly 400 donations — coats,  hats, rugs, pillows, and toys — all made from animals who were killed for these products. People do not know what to do with these once they realize that fur is neither luxurious nor fashionable. Our solution is to put those furs to far better use comforting and providing warmth to wild animals in need, rather than perpetuating the image of a brutal industry. We thank everyone who was compassionate enough to donate their old garments to the Fur for the Animals drive this year.

fur donation

Donated fur being put to good use to help rehabilitate and comfort animals.

While the fur donation drive is over, Born Free will always accept fur donations. Send your unwanted fur to:

Born Free USA
2300 Wisconsin Ave NW, Suite 100B
Washington, DC 20007