If it was worth the time and effort, I’d be super curious to find out how many women who wear yoga pants actually do yoga.  Given the fact that yoga pants are one of the most common casual staples among women, I’m willing to guess that, without any research to back me, the yoga-pants-wearing to actual-yoga-doing is way skewed.  What was something designed for downward facing dog and sun salutations is now worn for no athletic reason…whatsoever.  They’re like the UGGs of the pants world.  Not exactly attractive, but oh so comfortable, that it can be so hard to resist wearing them just about everyday.

There’s nothing necessarily wrong with yoga pants.  It’s the yoga pants rut, often referred to as athleisure, that can become a problem.  I actually read an article that wearing athletic clothing all day can cause yeast infections, rashes and body acne because this type of clothing is worn tight and doesn’t let the skin breathe.  Gross body stuff aside, because I’m no expert on that, I want to talk simply about the rut that is yoga pants.

Don’t misunderstand me, I am very clear on all the reasons why yoga pants rock.  For one, they’re comfortable.  On days where I just don’t want to feel like an adult, yoga pants comfort me.  They’re great for travel, great for days when I am feeling fat, versatile, inexpensive, don’t take up a lot of room in my closet and, heck, I can even sleep in them if I want to.  For all these reasons, and more, I love yoga pants.  But like anything we love wearing just a little too hard, it can get repetitive and boring.

So I decided to think about yoga pants alternatives that all of us can consider this summer.  These suggestions may surprise but, think about it, why would I show you yoga pants alternatives that are basically iterations of the original?  What I wanted to show, instead, were clothing options that offer the same benefits as yoga pants while giving you some variety to consider.  Check them out below.

Yoga Pants Alternatives to Try this Summer

Yoga Pants Alternative #1- The Maxi Dress

yoga pants alternatives

Why maxi dresses are a great alternative: Comfort and movement

Maxi dresses can be really easy to wear in the summer.  They’re comfortable and are easy to move around in.  You don’t have to worry about exposing yourself and, heck, you don’t even have to worry about shaving your legs or how toned or tanned they are.

I styled this easy knit maxi dress from Modcloth with these grey sandals from Hinge, white bag and silver oval hoop earrings.

Yoga Pants Alternative #2- The Easy Summer Dress

yoga pants alternatives

Why simple summer dresses are a great alternative: Ease and comfort

What makes yoga pants so desirable is how easy they are to wear.  You just slip them on and you’re done, not to mention comfortable.  In the summer I keep a bunch of easy summer dresses on hand that I can just toss on for the same exact reason.  What I also like about them is that I can dress them up and down.  I can’t necessarily do that with yoga pants.

The chambray dress above is from The Gap and has been styled with a pair of red sandals from Lord & Taylor, printed crossobody bag from Kavu, bangles from Bauble Bar and stud earrings from Julie Vos.

Yoga Pants Alterntive #3- Denim Bermuda Shorts

yoga pants alternatives

Why denim Bermuda shorts are a great alternative: Casual, comfortable, easy to wear

It took me years to actually wear shorts.  I avoided them in favor of summer dresses until one summer I found myself really bored with rotating the same dresses over and over again.  I bought a pair of denim Bermudas and I felt like my wardrobe got an instant update.  What I like about denim Bermuda shorts is that I feel like they are the summer equivalent of jeans, something I wear a lot during the colder months.

In the outfit above, I styled this Lucky Brand pair with a cute polka dot tie blouse, yellow flat sandals from MICHAEL Michael Kors, teal bag from Cole Haan and star earrings from Max & Chloe.

Yoga Pants Alternative #4- a Knit Skirt

yoga pants alternatives

Why knit skirts are a great alternative to yoga pants: Easy, comfortable, elastic waistband, casual, stretchy

If you like yoga pants for the stretch and comfort, then try a knit skirt.  You get the same comfort but in a much cooler and comfortable way.  You can just pull one on and wear it just the same as you would a pair of your favorite yoga pants.

I styled this drawstring skirt from Boden with a navy v-neck t-shirt from J. Crew, coral sneakers from Superga, navy bag from Vince Camuto, gold earrings from Banana Republic and navy multistrand bracelet from LOFT.

Yoga Pants Alternative #5- A Skort

yoga pants alternatives

Why skorts are a great alternative to yoga pants: Easy to move in, wear like shorts but look like a skirt, casual and sporty, comfortable.

With skorts you get the ease of shorts with the style of skirts, making them great yoga pants alternatives, especially in the summer when it gets hot.  You can bend, move and stretch without worrying about revealing too much while feeling feminine.  For those who hate shorts, skorts are a simple solution.

I styled this athletic skort from Athleta with a white t-shirt from White House Black Market, orange wedge sandals from Clarks, a paisley printed crossbody bag from Vera Bradley, modal and silk blend scarf from Nordstrom and feather drop earrings from Modcloth.

Yoga pants have their place, and they can be wonderful to wear.  These suggestions certainly aren’t superior to yoga pants, they’re just alternatives to consider for times when you feel you need a change and a little more variety.