My client work as a personal stylist is very seasonal.  While I do work all year round, it always gets busy in spring and autumn.  March often begins my busy time for the spring season and I have already been hard at work.  I anticipate that I will be even busier in April and will continue heavily until Memorial Day.

Last season, you may remember I did a few posts featuring some popular client purchases.  This spring I decided to change things up and, instead of doing one big post for the entire season, update you more regularly with some stand out client purchases each month.  Want to know what my clients are buying?  Check them out below.

Highlights of Client Purchases in March

These aren’t all of my clients purchases.  Some have since sold out and others I just can’t remember.  This is partly why I decided to showcase these buys more regularly, my memory just isn’t what it used to be.  Posting these purchases regularly will also give you greater opportunity to check these pieces out for yourself.

Let’s start with dresses

client purchases

Dresses continue to be incredibly popular with my clients, either on their own or suited.  From casual to more corporate, dresses are just easy.

A line that has quickly become a huge favorite of mine is Peserico.  They were my breakout favorite last fall and continues to impress me.  The navy and white print on the right and navy, tan and white striped shift right next to it are both Peserico dresses.  Check out the whole line because it is full of smart, sophisticated, and easy to mix-and-match pieces that make it really easy to build a small capsule.

The middle navy short sleeve dress and red dress are both from BOSS Hugo Boss, my favorite wear-to-work line.  I would seriously be lost if this line didn’t exist.  The navy short sleeve style does come with a jacket but my client who bought it left it behind favoring separate blazers over a suited look.  In fact, if you want a few pieces in this fabric, you can also get the pants and skirt.

The red dress truly is a showstopper in fit and style.  My client who purchased this one will be wearing it with a white blazer, a navy one and quite a few cardigans.

The printed dress on the left is from White House|Black Market and it’s quite lovely.  The print is beautiful and so is the asymmetrical hem.  One of my clients who purchased it also purchased an ivory cropped sweater from the same store and it works beautifully together.


client purchases

I often find that skirts and dresses run in cycles.  One or the other always seems to be trending and the two never seem to be popular at the same time.  I can’t say that skirts are wildly popular at the moment because many women seem to be gravitating towards dresses in favor of skirts.  However, there has been a small uptick in skirt purchases lately, but not basic ones.  Client purchases have definitely been towards more novel and standalone styles that make a statement while still being versatile.

The skirt on the left is a beautiful pencil style from White House|Black Market that a client of mine bought and fell in love with.  What I like about it is it’s not your dumb basic pencil, it has the button front and belt which makes it look finished without a lot of work.

The next multi-colored printed skirt is from Boden.  It has been a popular style because it’s novel while being versatile.  The colors are so classic that it’s easy to wear with a lot of different things.

The last two styles are both from BOSS Hugo Boss.  Most women shy away from horizontal stripes, but I urge you to try this striped style on if you see it at the store.  And because BOSS is really smart with offering tight capsules, you can easily find tops in that tomato red shade to work with it, and, certainly, black, grey or white can also be easily paired.

The last skirt I selected for a client because I just love the print.  Being a two color print, it’s easy to treat it like a solid navy skirt.  We even styled it with this gorgeous purple blazer (shown below) and it was a nice twist of corporate dress.  The print also comes in a beautiful dress that another one of my clients also liked but passed up for something else.


client purchases

I love blazers and this season there have been quite a few beautiful ones in the stores.  The three above are just a highlight.

First, the soft white blazer from Theory.  I had to showcase this piece because it was such a pivotal piece for the client who bought it.  This jacket worked with everything else so beautifully.  It was like the glue that connected it all together.

The next blazer is from Akris Punto, another line that I’d be lost without.  I can’t remember a season that this line has let me down, especially when it comes to blazers.  This blue and black style became such a must-have for one of my clients simply because it can be worn with both navy and black, making it incredibly investment-worthy.  Akris Punto is far from inexpensive.  If you are going to purchase anything from there you have to make sure you are getting your money’s worth.

The last blazer is the one I referenced earlier, that I styled with the floral printed BOSS skirt.  It’s from Max Mara, and when I saw it I had to pull it.  The color just sucked me in.  While it may not seem as versatile as something more neutral and basic, given the fact that most women have a work wardrobe full of navy, black and grey, it’s way more wearable than you would think.  I am not kidding when I tell you that this blazer worked with just about everything my client bought.  If you are looking for more of a monochromatic suited look, Max Mara does sell a dress to go with the jacket.  My client passed it up because she wanted something less suity.


client purchases

Pants are always about fit, and when you find your fit it’s silly to stray.  This is probably why so many of my clients purchase Piazza Sempione’s Audrey pants season after season which is the the tan pair in the center but come in a variety of shades.  They’re not cheap, but they are amazing.  One of my clients scooped up just about every color they come in this spring.

The cobalt pair on the very left is by Vince Camuto.  Rare is it that I am disappointed by this line, especially when my client bought this pair and was sort of shocked by how versatile these pants would be in her wardrobe this spring.  Who would think that a bright blue pair of pants would be such a winner?  Especially at such a great price.

The red jeans second from the left are by Jen7.  Do you know this line yet?  Jen7 Jeans are from the same company as 7 for All Mankind and are designed for their customer who once wiggled their younger selves into a pair of 7’s and is now looking for something a bit more grown up and figure flattering for who she is now.   Aside from the fit being great the sateen fabric is so soft.

To the right of the Piazza Sempione pants in the center, is a pair from Peserico that I found also fits beautifully and will look great for work or weekend.  And given’s Peserico’s keen way of creating tight capsules, you won’t have to look far to find something to wear with them.

The last pair on the right from J. Crew I had to feature because I turned one client on to them last season and now she just loves these pants.  She bought the red this spring.  Remember what I said about finding your fit and sticking with it?


client purchases

I am quite sure there were more cardigans purchased this month, but, for the life of me, I can’t remember.  These two are standing out.

The first, on the left, is from Theory.  What makes it so perfect is how beefy the knit is while still being really sleek.  In lieu of a white blazer, which one of my clients decided to pass up, she chose this cardi because it worked with everything just like a white blazer would.

The next cardigan is from Peserico.  My client loved it so much, she also bought it in tan.


client purchases

Each season I feel like there is always one shoe that becomes the it shoe of the season because it is bought by so many of my clients.  It’s a little too early to declare what shoe this will be, but I have a feeling it will be the Cole Haan peep toe wedge pictured on the top left, #1.  I think at least three or four clients have bought it already.  It’s comfortable, easy to wear, goes with everything and is the perfect heel substitute when you don’t want to get too dressed up.

The next popular style has been shoe #5, the silver metallic Cole Haan loafer.  Trust me, I am as surprised by this as you probably are.  Even one of my more conservative clients loved them.  I think what makes them fun is they are a style is classic but the silver gives them a twist.  I already have them in mind for a client that I have booked in April.

The photo of shoe #4, the brown suede Michael Kors Collection loafer, just doesn’t do it any justice.  If you are looking for a soft brown suede loafer that looks and feels like butter, this is a shoe you have to check out.  The color is much more feminine in person.  It’s not cheap, but it does look expensive.

Shoe #2, the yellow style in the middle, is a super fun, comfortable and casual style from Lucky Brand that one of my clients purchased and I really like.  Yellow may not seem like the most versatile shoe color, but it actually is.  I think my client is going to have fun with these.

Next up, the Bandolino blue wedge on the top right.  This purchase was made by my client who bought a lot of navy for spring.  The sole is super soft and the style is just simple.

Lastly, the Coach heeled sandals.  Not only are they surprisingly comfortable, but the snakeskin is black but can also read as navy and can be worn with both colors, not to mention a whole lot more.

Event Dresses

clients purchases

I decided to save the best of my client purchases for last, event dresses. They’re just super special, and super beautiful.  I will warn you, some of these are extreme budget busters, but looking is free.

The first dress on the left is by Zac Posen.  If you caught it on my Instagram, I posted a photo of it while my client was being fitted in the dressing room.  The seam details are so unbelievably beautiful and the way is just sits off the shoulders is stunning.  We nicknamed this dress the Claire Underwood style.

client purchases

The next dress is by Carolina Herrera and the photo doesn’t even come close to doing it justice.  It’s just beautiful, timeless, classic and elegant.  It also has pockets!   What it also has is a high price tag.  But my client will own this dress and wear it forever.

Next up, this beautiful turquoise blue dress from Tadashi Shoji.  Tadashi Shoji cuts some of the best fitting after-five dresses I have ever seen and rarely am I disappointed.  If this color or style isn’t for you, check out the line in general if you are looking for something to wear to your next event.

Lastly, this red dress that is part of Chiara Boni’s La Petite Robe collection.  If you remember, one client bought a similar dress as a gown last fall and this season another client bought the short form.  Aside from the elegant silhouette, the dress is packable and can even be machine washed.  That’s right, a cocktail dress that can be washed in the machine.

I hope you enjoyed this quick look at some of my client purchases from this month.  I’m excited to see what the stand out purchases are next month.  Stay tuned.