Golden Girls Rites of Spring Season 4 Episode 23:

Aerobics Instructor: You need to buy leg warmers.
Dorothy: Leg warmers?!
Aerobics Instructor: Yeah! To keep your thighs warm. What have you been using?
Dorothy: Friction!

I’ve been working along the periphery of the fashion industry for a number of  years now and I’ve discovered something odd. Even the slimmest of models can experience thigh chafing or ‘chub rub’ as some people call it. I remember visiting my sister Misty in Southern California. Walking around I finally had to hit up a drugstore for some talcum powder as I was in serious pain from my thighs rubbing together. It was a temporary solution at best with me having to reapply the powder frequently.

It’s a big problem for women who live in places that have hot humid summers. The sweat makes thigh rubbing even more painful.  Every New York summer means I have to don a pair of shorts under my dresses even though the LAST thing I need is another layer.

But not this summer. This summer I’ll be pulling on my Bandelettes and surviving the heat with a little more comfort.


Bandelettes are attractive thigh bands designed to stay put and provide comfort and protection against chafing all day long. Their appearance might be similar to high thigh tights, but there is never a need to worry about slipping or rolling with wearing Bandelettes. These thigh bands feature two rows of stay up silicone that hold them in place, even through extended wear, without any need to worry about slipping. They are so comfortable and lightweight after a while you’ll forget you’re wearing them. They are also pretty and sexy. I know when summer comes around, and the wind from the subway is causing my skirts to fly up at least the people on the platform will see something attractive!

Ready to try a pair for yourself?  Like Bandelettes Facebook Page and leave a comment below saying why you need a pair of Bandelettes and you could win!