I’m getting older. It sucks. I do not recommend it. I find myself wanting to take supplements and needing to take other medications regularly. I bought one of those 7 day pill boxes you get at any drugstore. It was convenient but it didn’t travel well. It would open in my purse, so I bought two, one for work one for home.  But there was another issue, they were ugly. I would leave it on  my desk to remind me to take the pills, but I hated looking at it. I also didn’t want to advertise that I was taking a bunch of pills. But what were my options? Keep a drawer full of pill bottles?

There is an answer: decorative sturdy pill boxes. Introducing Inspired by Dawn Style RX
Designer Pill Box.

Style Rx Designer Pill Box Case

The Style Rx Designer Pill Box Case marries style and function giving women a modern way to carry vitamins and medication on the go. Display Style Rx with confidence on your desk, counter or table.

Vibrant Colors and Unique Patterns –  Inspired by Dawn’s signature, offers a modern take on design

  •  Luxe cotton canvas exterior  – wipeable and wear-resistant
  • Lightweight, yet durable construction – built to withstand daily use in a purse, laptop sleeve or gym bag
  • Discreet magnetic closure – ensures the Style Rx stays closed keeping everything in its place
  • Surprising capacity for vitamins and supplements – each compartment holds 6 fish oil capsules or 20 ibuprofen tablets per day.  Additional 7-day pill inserts are fully interchangeable for additional capacity.

Is the capacity not enough for you? You can switch out the pill box it comes with for something larger. Don’t take pills? The pill boxes are great for keeping earrings and other small items from getting tangled or lost in your purse. Or you can remove the pill box altogether and use it to store small items like makeup brushes or phone chargers. The box is sturdy and crushproof. Also the magnetic closure ensures it won’t open up in your purse or luggage no matter how much it’s jostled.

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