“Oh, if I could but live another century and see the fruition of all the work for women! There is so much yet to be done.” Susan B. Anthony

Presidential election years can be very depressing for me. As people constantly wax on about America being the land of democracy, I want to point out the 19th Amendment was ratified in August of 1920 (sadly a day Susan B Anthony, who passed in 1906, would not live to see) meaning TRUE democracy is less than a hundred years old. As delighted as I was to see “I voted” stickers on Susan B Anthony’s Headstone I couldn’t help but remember all the issues with states passing “Voter ID Laws” that disproportionately affect women (as well as the poor and people of color) and are basically a response to a nonexistant problem.

Sometimes I have to pinch myself. How is it possible that women’s voting rights are an issue is 2016? But the price of freedom is constantly vigilance. I am so happy to introduce readers of this blog to a great new Etsy shop called Fourth Wave Apparel, click here for more details.

Fourth Wave Apparel

Fourth Wave Apparel is a wonderful shop full of wonderful items to celebrate milestones in feminism and serve to remind us the fight continues.

One of my personal faves is the pink t shirt saying Participant 261celebrating celebrating Kathrine Switzer’s decision to crash the male only Boston Marathon.  While there was no specific rule that it be male only, it had been decided that women were too ‘fragile” to run a marathon. Although I”m not a runner, I will always admire Switzer for this legendary exchange:

“As we jogged over to the start, Tom said, “God, you’re wearing lipstick!”

“I always wear lipstick. What’s wrong with that?”

“Somebody might see you are a girl and not let you run. Take it off.”

“I will not take off my lipstick.”

I will never forget the women who fought so hard for my right to vote and I will always honor them by registering and voting. I will proudly explain what my Fourth Wave Feminist T shirt that says “Words not Deeds” means.  And I will NEVER take off my lipstick.

Want your own Fourth Wave Feminism T shirt? Leave a comment below saying why you need feminism and you could win!