I’ve always wanted to spend some time traveling in Europe. It’s on my bucket list. Alas I only speak English, which is ridiculous when you consider 1) I am Mexican and 2) I live in Washington Heights, NY. Going to a place where you don’t speak the language can be frustrating but that’s not my greatest fear. I often worry I’ll get injured wind up in the hospital and after shouting instructions (because if you yell it helps people understand you) to the confused staff, Ill wake up to find both my kidneys gone because that’s what I instructed them to do.

There are few things I love more than fashion that does double duty. So when I heard there was a t shirt that not only is fun and beautiful but can help me communicate? I NEED that shirt! Presenting ICONSPEAK T-shirts.  Click here to check them out.


The creators found themselves drawing pictures to communicate and then it hit them. Why not have a shirt with Icons on them so you can simply point? Such a simple and easy idea!

They also have some really fun “story” t shirts , hats and tote bags. I may learn to scuba dive just so I can wear the “Scuba” story shirt without irony, featuring an image of goggles, a fish and flippers.

I know I’m going to get the tote not just because I need a way to haul stuff around but hopefully to help me communicate in my nabe of Washington Heights. Just a few weeks ago I went into 4 beauty shops but couldn’t find one where people spoke English. I would up having to trim my hair myself (I am so grateful for tutorials on Youtube).

Are you ready to get your own ICONSPEAK T-shirt for your summer travels? Enter “Fab Find” when you check out for 11% off.  Visit ICONSPEAK here.