I will admit, I have been wearing shorts a lot lately.  I resisted this for years.  They always seemed so dumb and dorky.  I don’t wear them beyond doing super casual things, but, years ago I wouldn’t even be caught dead doing that.  I used to wear summer dresses constantly, which was fine, but then I just got terribly bored.  I ventured out and bought a pair of denim Bermudas.  I haven’t extended beyond that, but I see these denim shorts as the jeans equivalent for summer and they feel more like myself.

If you are looking to wear shorts this summer and want to maintain looking stylish, check out these styles and outfit ideas.

Stylish Shorts Outfits for Summer

Outfit #1


When it comes to looking stylish in the summer, be it when wearing shorts or anything else, remember, it’s hot.  The last thing you’ll likely want to do is over-accessorize or wear a lot of layers.  Layers and accessories tend to be the key components of a pulled together outfit.  To avoid looking too simple with less, try choosing tops that are embellished or novel enough to stand alone.  These tops don’t need to be super ornate, something simple like this top from Banana Republic can work.

Another tip is to play with color combinations to create a more interesting look without a lot of layers or fuss.  In the outfit above, I used these teal sandals from Sam Edelman that create a beautiful contrast with the mustard color in the top.  With the ease of the denim Bermudas from Lucky Brand, a simple base is created on which any color combination can be popped.  Finishing the outfit, I added this Vince crossbody bag and citrine earrings from Stella & Dot.

Outfit #2


These next pair is from J. Crew.  They have a 4″ inseam which may sound short but I have found it to be a great length for most women.  Longer shorts may sound better but, unless the shorts are tapered and narrow, shorts that are too long can sometimes look dumpy and unflattering.

In the outfit above, I styled these shorts with a relaxed top from Boden and accessorized the look with a pair of metallic sandals, hoop earrings from Ann Taylor, printed handbag from Fossil and pink scarf Nordstrom.

Outfit #3


This last pair have a bit of a flare shape, like a short a-line skirt, which can be a nice compromise if you’re just not ready to fully embrace shorts yet.  I styled them with a simple tank from Modcloth, a grey nylon bag from Longchamp, a pendant from LOFT for a simple finish and, for a pop, a pair of purple sandals from Kork-Ease.  If arm coverage is required, I added this summer cardigan from Nic + Zoe.

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