A few years ago a model friend, Amanda Fields was staying with me for fashion week (she’s amazing check her out). Of course Amanda is GORGEOUS and very fit (she swears by the Bar Method) and I bemoaned my own overweight body. I asked Amanda how she stayed so thin.  Amanda pointed out I was drinking sugary soda (for breakfast! I’m the worst) and eating crackers with cheese spread. How many calories could that be? Amanda quickly calculated that so far I had consumed about 800-900 calories. HOW was that possible? I had only been awake for 45 minutes!

But Amanda was pointing out an obvious truth about dieting and weight reduction. You need to keep careful track of what you are consuming and how many calories it contains.  The more information you have the more control you have.

Get to know a scale that coaches, rewards, and records all data automatically. And with tools at hand such as trend screens and nutrition tracking, you can set goals — and achieve them. Introducing the Withings Body Analyzer Scale, link here.

 Withings Body Analyzer Scale

I was lucky enough to receive a Withings Smart Body Analyzer  Scale.  It provides info about your weight, your body fat (BMI), heart rate, air quality, and daily weather. I never thought about how body fat could throw weight goals off until I moved into a 6 floor walkup.  my pants were noticeably looser, but my weight stayed the same! It’s important to know if you feel discouraged, when trying to lose weight, muscle is considerable denser than fat. Your weight may be the same but yes you’re getting smaller, because you’re losing fat and gaining muscle. Not a bad thing!

But there’s more. You can link it up to your smart phone and using the free Health Mate app, you can set goals, get coaching and really see your progress. There’s even an app where you can set a ‘calorie budget’ and another app that shows you how to manage your calories.  And you can partner those apps with MyFitnessPal, Lose It!, and Weight Watchers to track yourself even further.

Wow I really don’t have any excuses anymore, do I?  Check out the Withings Body Analyzer Scale here.