If you read this blog regularly chances are, you came looking for fashion advice. Its something everyone struggles with. I know despite working along the periphery of the fashion industry it still confuses (and enrages me). And this is coming from someone who both writes for fashion blogs and assists in the production of shows for NYFW! Check out this one from friend Malan Breton’s most recent showing.

Yet despite this, I struggle. Of course, one of points of being the Fab Find editor is finding solutions to fashion problems.  Now I’ve found a great one.

Vaughan Shirts

When I first received a shirt from Vaughan Shirts, I thought. “It’s just a shirt”. A really basic button down silk shirt. Then I realized, that’s what make these shirts remarkable. Classic styling, great fit in a dozen colors. You can dress these shirts up; you can dress them down. They go with pretty much anything.  Click here to check them out.

The blouses are designed in Hong Kong and hand sewn at their Hangzhou workshop to ensure a perfect fit. Hangzhou silk is known for being the best in the world, maintaining this reputation since the Tang and Song dynasties.

Vaughan Shirts uses crêpe de Chine, a luxurious silk known for an exquisite drape and soft finish.  A gorgeous range of color ensures there is the perfect shade for every skin tone and every occasion.  All silk used is custom dyed and exclusive to Vaughan. They use only eco-friendly dyes so the final product will not contain any irritants or pollutants. After the dyeing process, the silk is washed three times to showcase its delicate nature and prevent shrinkage.

Vaughan shirts easily become wardrobe staples as they transition seamlessly from the office and happy hour to relaxed weekends. These shirts are so soft, so beautiful, so versatile and with proper care will last for years.

Exclusive to readers of this blog. Use “bridgetteraes” to get 20% off all full priced items!  Check out Vaughan Shirts here.