Accessorizing is something I’ve never been good at it. Maybe it’s because I grew up in the 80’s where the accessories were as ridiculous as they were gaudy. I still can’t believe leg warmers came back. And Jelly shoes? Stuart Weitzman has a pair the retails for over $100.  Jelly shoes are ugly and painful. That’s not the sort of thing time can change.

I do however love accessories that can add zing to an outfit without commitment or complication.

Jeans and boots are such a staple of any women’s wardrobe when they live in a cool climate. I avoided wearing jeans for YEARS, but when the New York winds began to blow up my skirt (literally) my howls of pain told me it was time for pants.

But was there a way to make the literally one pair of pants I own seem new and different? Yes there is! And it’s as simple as it is easy.  Introducing Kuhfs!  Click here.  


You can add a fun and colorful pattern the hem of your pants, your boots, your capri pants and so much more.  A quick easy affordable way to accessorize and individualize your everyday looks.

Choose from dozens of fun, bright patterns for your Kuhfs.  Simply wrap them around your pant leg, boot leg or wherever slide the pin in to secure and you’re done!

Kuhfs were created by Amy Olson. She wanted an accessory to update her boots and compliment her outfits. When she couldn’t find anything she created Kuhfs. “Every women wants to be stylish and current, but they sometimes don’t know how to achieve this. With Kuhfs, I have made it simple for any woman to explore her personality through fashion.” 

Want your own Kuhfs? go to their website, sign up for their newsletter and receive 25% off your first order!