With the start of a new month (seriously, how is it August already?), it’s time to showcase some client purchases made in July.  Before I get started, I have to share some photos from this past weekend.  If you have been reading my blog this summer, you know that I have been having my nieces and nephew for separate weekends.

This past weekend, we had my soon-to-be 13 year old niece, Morgan here.  Talk about a change of pace from two weeks ago when my 8 year old niece, Avery, was here, and we went to Brooklyn Children’s Museum, played with baby dolls and ate all the ice cream we could.  With Morgan on the cusp of becoming a teenager, this past weekend included accepting the fact that the little baby I held not long ago is becoming a young woman.  I decided to treat her to things like getting her hair cut by my amazing hairstylist and taking her to get her eyebrows threaded for the first time.  We also managed to add in some fun things, like rollerskating.  I found out that I can still roller skate!  I guess it really is like riding a bike.

client purchases

Morgan has hair that is more like mine than my sister.  It is on the thin side and she, unfortunately, suffers from oily hair, also just like me. I plunked down a mint on the perfect shampoo and conditioner for her (because that is what aunts do) and it was totally worth it.  In addition to my hairstylist giving Morgan more body by cutting off some length and adding some internal layers, we both noticed that R+Co’s Oblivion shampoo and conditioner really helped keep the oiliness away.

client purchases

On Sunday we went roller skating and it was amazing.  We live walking distance to Brooklyn Bridge Park which is a long stretch of waterfront park along with several piers that host different activities.  Pier 2 has an open air rollerskating rink and, as you can see in the photo above, has perfect views of the Manhattan Skyline and Brooklyn Bridge.  While I was thrilled to see that I can still roller skate after several decades of not being on wheels, I was quite surprised to find that kids today just don’t roller skate like we used to.  I give credit to Morgan for her willingness to look like a baby deer taking her first steps and was really grateful they had those skating buddies for support.  As if taking a bunch of falls on the rollerskating rink wasn’t enough pain, prior to doing this, I took her to get her eyebrows thread for the first time.  What a trooper!

During our downtime, we did more relaxing things, like watching the Olympic’s Opening Ceremonies (while, in addition to cheering for USA, rooting for the little countries that sent only a handful of competitors), getting ice cream at Ample Hills Creamery (once, not twice like we did with Avery), sharing makeup tips, hanging around and just being together.

client purchases

We also took a photo of Morgan in the now famous tree at Carroll Park, which is right around the corner from where I live.  This all started with the weekend that my nephew, Evan, was with us.  He saw the tree and asked me to take a photo of him standing inside of it.  I decided to do it with Avery and Morgan on their weekends too.  On Sunday, my sister and brother-in-law came in from New Jersey to pick up Morgan and go on a family vacation to the beach (or “down the shore” as we native New Jersey folks like to call it) and before they left they all got in front of the tree for a group photo.  It was a nice way to finish these three wonderful weekends I had with each of these kids that I get to call mine.

Anyway, back to the client purchases from July.  July is an interesting month for shopping.  First, everything is on sale from summer and early fall is already starting to show up.  It’s also my slowest month in terms of client work, and by this time most of the purchases made by my clients have been purchased by other clients in previous months.  So, for the sake of avoiding repetition, there isn’t much to show.  I do recommend taking a look back at previous month’s posts if you aren’t caught up because much of what was purchased can be found there.

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Client Purchases- Blazers and Coats

client purchases

Let’s start with blazers and coats as this is the time of year that many of us start thinking about blazers beyond work as they can make fantastic outerwear pieces on mild days.  As you may remember, I am a huge fan of the Italian line Peserico.  Two of my clients already bought this first blazer in ivory a few months ago and one client bought the navy style last month.  It’s a great casual/work blazer that is in a knit stretch.  The navy in person isn’t as dark as photographed above, but it’s really beautiful, comfortable and fits a good variety of body shapes.  Right now it is on serious sale.

Next, the white blazer from Vince Camuto.  This is a popular style with a lot of my clients and, having a plus size client last month, I was happy to see it also fits well in larger sizes.  I think this is the second year Vince Camuto has run this jacket.

The camel blazer in the middle is from Max Mara.  If you have the budget for this line I highly recommend it.  I have been a fan since my old fashion designer days when I would swoon at the clothes when I was in Italy.  This particular blazer can be worn alone and it also can be worn with a  matching dress that I will feature further down in this post.  Gorgeous is the best word I can use to describe this jacket.  Versatile may be the other because it works with everything.

Second to last is the unlined lightweight coat, also from Max Mara.  The color is stunning and it was the perfect choice for mt client who lives in the south and will likely wear this weight of coat well into the winter.  I’m not going to lie, it’s super expensive, but it’s also a style that can be worn for years to come.

The last blazer is from Akris Punto.  Akris Punto is another one of my absolute favorite work lines.  I walk into this department at Saks and I become like a kid in a candy store.  The clothes are gorgeous, wearable, updated without being trendy, and figure flattering.  Again, if the budget is there for you, Akris Punto is the way to go.  This navy blazer has some subtle texture and leather trim.

Client Purchases- Dresses

client purchases

I am breaking up dresses in two photos because there were so many of them.   The first dress is by Lauren Ralph Lauren and I am fudging a bit on this one.  Turns out my client didn’t purchase it, but it wasn’t because she didn’t absolutely love it.  During our editing process while shopping we both decided she didn’t need it as much as she needed other dresses.  However, it’s rare that such a lovely dress can be found in the plus size department that I had to showcase it.  So, okay, nobody actually bought it, but, ah well.

Next up, the camel dress from Max Mara that can be worn with the camel blazer above.  What I like about this dress is that it can be worn with the blazer but can also be worn separately. With the little cap sleeves, it’s not so dependent on a topper piece.

The next fit-and-flare style is from Akris Punto and I lovingly decided to name it the Wonder Bread Dress due to the randomly sized primary colored polka dots.  It’s a beefy knit dress that actually comes with a zip knit bolero.  However, when my client put the matching bolero over the dress it was just too much “Wonder Bread.”  We decided, instead, to go with the always reliable Michael Kors shrug in ivory.

Akris Punto, being one of my favorites, I was happy to find this sleeveless polka dot denim dress that is more casual.  The belt sold with the dress is lovely, but my client and I really struggled to figure out what the extra piece of leather was supposed to do.  We wound up taking it off and the belt looked just fine.  I wanted to mention this should you buy the dress and find yourself with the same problem.

Lastly, this super adorable camel dress from Michael Kors.  It’s a style that can be worn in warm weather but can also be styled with tights and boots and a cardigan over it.  I love its versatility and so did my client.

client purchases

The first dress in orange from Akris Punto is a style that my client questioned because of the color.  Orange isn’t a shade that most people can easily wear.  However, my client was surprised that the shade of orange not only wound up being flattering but it looked great with a white or navy blazer or cardigan over it.

The next two dresses, the black and orange and the black with laser cut outs at the hem, both from Calvin Klein, were purchased by my cilent in favor of the dressier navy plus style in the previous group of dresses.  These photos really don’t do the dresses justice, at all.  First of all, they are plus size dresses.  Would it be asking too much that these dresses be put on plus size models?  Second, the dresses are much more generous in the skirt.  They’re both quite swishy and a bit longer.  Even on my taller client the skirt lengths of both these dresses were much longer and the styles looked elegant, ladylike and totally charming.

Lastly, this stunner from Max Mara.  This is a wow dress and the second I saw it for my client I had to pull it.  It’s just not something you see everyday and given the fact that this particular client has reasons to wear styles like this, it had to go home with her.

Client Purchases- Skirts

client purchases

I have been saying for a few months that skirts are making a strong comeback.  They’re still not as popular as dresses, but this feminine a-shape has been giving skirts a strong advantage. These four styles all come from Akris Punto.  Here is a link to the first and second styles, both which are perfect for wear now and in the early fall.  The third skirt is in a bouclé wool and perfect for winter.  The last skirt in iridescent looks evening but I styled it for daytime in a blog post a few weeks ago and it can definitely go from day to night.

Client Purchases- Tops and Cardigans

client purchases

It’s definitely worth looking at some past blog posts of client purchases to check out tops that my clients have purchased because this month many of the same tops were bought.  I was, however, happy to notice that many of these tops look great in plus size.  One of my clients bought a few of them, like the Nic + Zoe cardigan in teal, the Perfect Tank, also by Nic + Zoe, the absolutely perfect sleeveless blouse from Vince Camuto that everyone has been buying, and the printed cardigan from Nic + Zoe.  It’s always great to see when missy sizes translate well to plus size.  Vince Camuto and Nic + Zoe are two lines that do that.

Client Purchases- Jewelry

client purchases

I met with one client last month just to update some of her jewelry.  I wish I could find everything we purchased online, but a few pieces are still available.

For simple earrings in rose gold, we chose these knot earrings from Kate Spade.  These mint studs go with everything.  Looking for a statement ring, we loved this rose gold style from Swarovski.  Because a basic layering necklace can be such a great staple, we bought this longer basic style and for some simple finish we also purchased this green shorter pendant.  The gold and silver bracelet was purchased not only because it’s more comfortable than it looks, but it mixes both metals making it versatile.  The gold hoops are nice novelty basics and we found the turquoise and orange studs offered a pop of color for more neutral outfits.  Lastly, the wrap bracelet from Swarovski is a fun casual piece that my client plans on wearing casually on business casual days.

As we wind down the summer this month, I look forward to sharing upcoming fall purchases that will be made by my clients in the months to come.