I moved into a room in Washington Heights a little over a year ago. There are a few drawbacks, but the pluses are so great they cancel them out, and then some. I have a great view of the Hudson River, I’m super close to an express A train. I’m catty-corner from a park, and a stones throw from Riverside Park. It comes with three funny smart roommates and two AMAZING cats, Harley Quinn and Eartha Kitty.

They are the best. Eartha Kitty is shy and finds my love annoying. Harley is very mercurial.  One second she wants her head scratched and then she bites you. I love them both so much. But because of them there is something I must always have a on hand: A lint roller. Harley’s big white belly deposits so many hairs on my clothes! Eartha not so much because she loves to be brushed and hates to be held.

Unfortunately, regular lint rollers aren’t that great. I prefer sticky rollers. They pick up so much more. But you can’t carry them in your purse because well they stick to everything! This means you have to have extra lint rollers in your desk at work. And if you get stuff on you between work and home (and you will this is New York) well too bad.

This is a problem no more! Thanks to the award winning design of the Flint Roller!  Visit their site here.

The Flint Roller

The Flint Roller is a retractable, refillable lint roller. Twist the bottom cap (much like a lipstick) and the lint roller will extend to twice its length. Roll as normal. It won’t slide down. And when you go through the 30 sheets that come on the roll, just refill it! It comes in cute colors and takes up a small amount of space in your purse or bag. The Flint Roller was the Red Dot International Design Concept Award winner and a Finalist at the IHH Innovation Of The Year Award.


Ready to try a Flint roller? Two lucky readers will win their own. Leave a comment below and you could soon be lint free!