There is that period between summer and autumn where the weather just seems perfect.  It’s not sweltering hot outside and the time hasn’t arrived just yet where a coat is needed.  It often goes by in the blink of an eye, at least here in the northeast, and it’s smart to have some early fall fashion essentials on hand that can take you through to cold weather.  Here are some suggestions, with plenty to choose from, to consider adding to your wardrobe to take you through the start of autumn.

Early Fall Fashion Essentials


early fall fashion essentials

  1. Anthropologie Leonie Knit Blazer 2. Theory Gabe Stretch Wool Blazer 3. Akris Punto Leather Trim Dot Jacquard Blazer 4. J. Crew Regent Blazer 5. Banana Republic Gray Lightweight Wool Blazer 6. Hugo Boss Julea Stretch Wool Blazer 7. Joseph Stretch Wool Blazer 8. L.K. Bennett Louise Flannel Blazer 9. Ann Taylor Textured Single Button Blazer 10. LOFT Notched Blazer 11. Boden Ponte Blazer

If there was one piece I’d consider myself lost without during the early fall it would be my classic navy blazer.  Having a more casual lifestyle, I like it because it works so well with jeans.  However, don’t feel limited to this color.  If you have a lot of black bottoms in your closet, a grey, camel, or even a colorful style, might be the best choice.  Personally, I find black blazers tricky.  They often don’t match the other black pieces in the closet and unless you have bottoms in your wardrobe in other colors besides black, and/or wear a lot of denim, you may want to reconsider having too many black blazers on hand.


early fall fashion essentials

  1. Rockins Peacock Skinny Scarf 2. Hinge Floral Shadow Block Scarf 3. Duet Vesta Silk Scarf 4. Missoni Chevron Print Scarf 5. Anthropologie Anjali Silk Scarf 6. Diane Von Furstenberg Sqare Flower Scarf 7. Aqua Geometric Zig Zag Scarf 8. Pistil Brighton Scarf 9.  La Florentina Print Scarf 10. Anthropologie Honeymoon Scarf 11. Michael Stars Tulumn Dancer Wrap 12. Echo Circle Line Square Scarf

Can you imagine not having a few scarves in the closet?  They can make such a difference in making outfits look finished, in adding warmth and touches of color.  I always think of scarves like wearable artwork.  In terms of early fall fashion essentials, scarves are crucial.


early fall fashion essentials

  1. Halogen Cashmere Drape Front Cardigan 2. J. Crew Merino Long Wool Cardigan 3. LOFT Ribbed Sleeve Cardigan 4. Vince Drape Front Cardigan 5. Bobeau Long Cardigan 6.  Modcloth Mid-Length Cardigan 7. Ann Taylor Jersey Open Cardigan 8. Banana Republic Extra Fine Cardigan

There will likely be some cases where you need some coverage but a blazer will be too structured.  These times make cardigans perfect.  Consider some neutral colored cardigans, along with a few colorful ones coordinate with the color palette of your wardrobe, and use them as toppers over your summer pieces to bring them into early fall.

Ballerina Flats

early fall essentials

  1. Cole Haan Manhattan Ballet Flat 2. Nine West Adelphine Flats 3. Tory Burch Jolie Flat 4. Corso Como Recital Flats 5. Me Too Legend 2.0 Flats 6. Sam Edelman Ruby Flats 7. Repetto Cendrillon Flats 8. J. Crew Gemma Flats 9. Sam Edelman Felicia Flats 10. Coach Lara Flats

When the weather is too cool for sandals and not cold enough for boots, ballerina flats are perfect early fall fashion essentials.  There are different types of ballerina flats out there.  Some are more structured and perfect for work and others are softer and look like true ballerina slippers.   All you have to do is choose which styles are right for you and your lifestyle because there are plenty to choose from.


Early fall fashion essentials

  1. NoNonsense Opaque Tights 2. Lands’ End Matte Control Top Tights 3. Modcloth Tights 4. Commando Perfectly Opaque Tights 5. Wolford Velvet Deluxe 50 Tights 6. Spanx High-Waisted Luxe Leg Tights 7. Falke Pure Matte Tights

Tights are another must-have early fall essential.  They can add some warmth to your bare legs while enabling you wear your summer pieces well into the cooler weather.   Consider some neutral colors, like brown, black, grey and navy, along with some colored neutrals like burgundy and hunter green.  If you’re feeling a bit crazy, consider adding some splashes of brights.

These early fall fashion essentials may already be in your closet, but now is the time to check in on them and make sure they are in good shape, particularly your tights.  Believe it or not, fall fashion is already in the stores making this the right time to be scooping up these things for autumn.