I love perfume. I have ever since I was a kid. I love being near Century 21 where I can get those perfumes at steeply discounted prices. I love sending perfume to my dear nieces, although I would really like it, if when I asked them what perfume they liked they wouldn’t say, “The ones that smell good.”

 One of my biggest pet peeves about traveling is it’s difficult to travel with perfume.  You have to make sure the bottle isn’t too big, that it’s sufficiently padded so the glass won’t break and the cap is screwed on TIGHT. And sometimes that’s not even enough. Once traveling from Washington State to San Diego, the extreme temperature change resulted in a broken bottle and to me having to wash all my clothes the minute I landed, completely ruining a bunch of things.

And that’s not even addressing the day to day issue of carrying perfume in your purse. I had a small bottle of some cheap Avon perfume I kept in my purse during high school. It broke. Not only did it ruin my purse, it pissed off my teacher, Mrs Bloch, and trying to clean it up, I cut myself on the shards and perfume in a cut is REALLY painful.

Does anyone else think it’s odd that it took this LONG to come to simple solution?


 Travalo is a stylish and premium fragrance atomizer that you can bring and use daily easily for various occasions, offering the most reliable and safest refillable experience ever.  Click here to check it out.  The atomizer is tough, glass-free and stands up to travel. More importantly, you can fill the atomizer without unscrewing the cap of your perfume bottle (most perfumes aren’t designed to be opened anyway).

They also introduced their latest U-change technology, which allows you to alternate the cases of their perfume atomizers. The interchangeable inner-bottles of Travalo products are detachable and can be reattached to different latest Travalo models including the Classic HD, Divine, and Milano.


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