Once I walking in downtown Seattle with a friend.  When we passed by a huge window in Macy’s, I saw that my button down shirt was open almost to my navel. My lacy bra on full display. 

 I screamed at my friend, “Why didn’t you say something?” She said she thought it was on purpose. Who did she think I was, Jennifer Lopez? 

 When you have a large chest, like me, button down shirts can be a problem. My girls are always causing button down shirts to either gape or simply become unfastened. I recall my mother, Jo, owning a blue shirt, she repaired and patched until it was threadbare because it was sewn with extra fabric in the bust specifically to avoid this problem. 

I’d never seen another shirt like that. At least not until now. Campbell & Kate  is a wonderful company that specializes in classic white shirts for the large busted women (click here to visit their site).  Available in 24 sizes, they deliver shirts that are “close to custom” for women who wear bra sizes D-H.  Utilizing their excellent customer service, the staff at Campbell & Kate will work with you to make sure you have the perfect fit. They will ever let you try out several different shirts  until you find the one that you absolutely love. 

Good fit is so important for style, Campbell & Kate lets you have that. No gaps or pinching of the fabric, everything lays very smooth. The shirt is very professional. No more ‘peep holes’ and no more buttons popping off at the worst time.  Check out additional features here.

Once you find the size that works for you. You can order a shirt in your favorite color, but you should make sure you have the perfect fit first. No returns on custom colors. 

Ready to try a Campbell & Kate shirt for yourself?  Use  the code “buttonsforbridgette” to get $20.00 off.  Get shopping!