Grace: “I can’t afford a Louis Vuitton purse, and her dog poops in one.” Will & Grace, episode- My Best Friend’s Tush

 I hate it when people ask me if I’m a dog person or a cat person. The answer is always the same, “Yes!” 

I adore my precious cats Harley and Eartha. I also annoy the crap out of my friends when we are walking somewhere,because I have to stop and pet every single dog I see. 

Seriously, all of them. 

I love pets almost as much as I love a good purse. And now there is a super stylish, durable, Eco friendly pet carrier. A Pet with Paws offers amazing pet products as fashionable as they are sustainable. Check them out here.

A Pet with Paws

At first glance you think the pet carrier is made of leather and might even be a Birkin.  Upon closer examination you realize your eye has been tricked! What you are actually seeing is a photo printed image on fabric made from recycled plastic bottles. 

Pets with Paws found their niche by providing whimsical, cruelty-free functional pet products that have panache, with the added bonus of being vegan and contributing towards preserving the environment. Great for traveling, these chic pet carriers are  approved on most airlines (always double check) and makes travel with your fur babies less stressful. 

The company offers pet trek carriers (with wheels), pet carriers, backpacks (yes backpacks designed to be worn by a dog), two bags to hold plastic bags, the Miles Pouch and  Scarlet Wristlet.

A pet with paws partners with Trees for the Future to ensure for every purchase a tree is planted.

Win a Wristlet from A Pet with Paws

Ready to get one of your own bags from Pets with Paws? They are giving away a free wristlet to one lucky Bridgette Raes reader! Leave a comment below and “like” their Facebook Page and you could win!  And, just because I want to know, be sure to mention whether you have a dog or cat and what your fur baby’s name is.