Throwback Thursday: Boots for Wide Calves and Chic Sweater Looks

Throwback Thursday

We can get caught up in trends and what’s hot so easily.  Yet, sometimes it’s just good to master the basics.  Take sweaters and boots, for example.  They are as classic as it gets.  Check out these two Throwback Thursday posts below.

Chic Sweater Looks for Fall

I will be looking to add some new sweaters to my wardrobe this fall, so it felt perfectly fitting to share some chic sweater looks for the upcoming season.  After all, by next spring I will completely over my sweaters unless I figure out how to make them look fresh and interesting.  Hopefully these chic sweater looks will help you too.  Read More>>>

Stylish Boots for Large Calves and How to Style Them

Not only are there some super stylish boots out there large calves, but there are ways to use them to create stunning outfits too.  Check them out in this post.  Read More>>>