Golden Girls  Season 4 Episode 21 “Little Sister”

Rose: When I was in school the kids made up a really mean nick name for me just because I had hairy legs.

Blanche: What did they call you?

Rose: Rose with the hairy legs.

I’m half Mexican and half German. I’m hairy. If I don’t stay on top of it, I’ll have a unibrow. I began shaving around age 12. I didn’t even tell my mother, I just started doing it. I prefer to get my legs waxed but that’s costly and you have to let your hair grow out for at least 10 days so the wax has something to grab onto. 

It hurts. 

I do confess there are moments in the salon as my hair is being ripped out by the root and tears are streaming down my cheeks when it occurs to me,  I am PAYING someone to do this to me. 

But for day to day life, shaving is fast, economical and (relatively) pain-free. Growing up, I used soap lather to shave but it really dried out my legs. I tried men’s shaving foam, which wasn’t quite as drying but not a great solution. Then I used hair conditioner. Works great but destroys the blade so quickly you pretty much have to buy them in bulk. 

I’m so grateful I’ve find a much better alternative, Somersets shaving oils (click here for more).

Somersets Shaving Oils

 Somersets shaving oils use only 100% natural ingredients and essential oils – they are designed to provide excellent lubrication and glide for your razor blade while protecting and moisturizing your skin. Apply 3-5 drops while in the shower and you’re good to go. The bottle is tiny, but since you use such a small amount it can last up to 60 shaves. 

You can even use the oil for a dry shave! Apply 4 or 5  drops of oil then massage it in and go slow! 

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