Daria Episode #413 “Dye, Dye! My Darling”

 Daria – This stuff stinks. Why can’t they just mix it before they put it in the bottle?

Jane – Because the vapors would build up and it would explode.

Daria – Oh. Well, that sounds like something I’d want seeping into my scalp.

 I still remember taking a trip to San Francisco with my late grandmother OC when I was only 8. Peering down at my head she said “you have a lot of grey hairs”.

 Thanks a lot Grandma.

 But it was true. My hair had a lot of greys starting at age 8 or so. Its only gotten worse over time. I was pretty much salt and pepper by age 25. That’s when I started dyeing my hair. I had it professionally done once, but that was really expensive. But I hate doing it at home. The dye runs, I’ve ruined I don’t know how many bathmats, the smell is awful and makes me queasy. I’ve tried at least half a dozen brands but they were all equally annoying.

 Was there an alternative? Turns out there is.

 BioKap Hair Color

BioKap Nutricolor is the gentlest permanent hair dye on the market (click here to check them out) today made up of 90% natural ingredients. The dye contains Argon oil which leaves your hair feeling soft and manageable. It also contains something called Tricorepair, a patented complex of plant based ingredients like rice proteins and fruit acids that repairs the hair and protects the scalp from irritations during the coloring process. And if that wasn’t enough there’s Willow exact, a natural UV filter to prevent fading.  All BioKap colors are nickel tested, ammonia, Resorcin, Parabens and Para-phenylenediamine free.

I tried it and I love how thick the dye was. Almost no dripping.  There was hardly any aroma at all.  The kit contains a cream to keep the dye from coloring your forehead and ears and a disposable cape. Such a great idea! Keeps the dye off your shoulders.

Try BioKap hair color for free!

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