One of the biggest perks of writing for Bridgette’s blog is getting free products to try out. Occasionally, I’ll have to follow up and say “I was NOT impressed” and sometimes I ask if can have more because the product is just that great.

Blew Razor Blade Dryer

 When I unpacked my Blew Razor Blade Dryer, click here, my roommate asked what it was. I told her it was a dryer to extend the life of a razor. She rolled her eyes. “Just join Dollar Shave Club.”  Frankly, I was thinking the same. I buy my razors for a couple of dollars at a discount store. So what if I can use them maybe 3 or 4 times? Its only $2 for 5!

 So I started using my Blew Razor Blade Dryer to dry my cheap plastic off-brand razor. I’ve been using the same razor since it arrived in the second week of September. And if you knew how hairy I am (damn my German ancestry), you’d find that sentence amazing.   It’s really not repeated use that dulls a razor. It’s oxidation rusting the blade.

 Blew Razor Blade Dryer says you can use one razor for six months by using their product, but after reading some online reviews, some people say they use a razor for up to a year! If you’re one of people, who buys those expensive razors with 4 blades and vibrating head (does the vibration do something?) a Blew Razor Blade Dryer will pay for itself in weeks.   But more than that, it will keep hundreds of blades out of our landfills. Razors can pose serious dangers both to sanitation workers and wildlife. 

 However, there is another feature that really swayed me. Years ago when I was living in Seattle, I felt a horrible pinching, I checked it out to see there was a grape sized lump in my armpit.  My doctor said shaving your armpits causes microscopic cuts and one of those cuts has become infected. No big deal. Except it hurt!  Blew  Razor Blade Dryer features a UV lights that work to sanitize your razor. These are infections may be rare but that doesn’t make them hurt any less!

Ready to try one?  Leave a comment saying why you want to try a Blew Razor Blade Dryer and you could win!  Check out the Blew Razor Blade Dyer by visiting