I make a point to put on a lotion with SPF 30 every morning after I brush my teeth.  Just one problem. I live in New York, during the summer it’s SO HUMID. You end sweating the lotion off.  Even in winter, it can be a problem. The subway can be warm and so can movie theaters or any other place, where large groups gather.  What can you do beyond carrying a bottle of lotion in your purse and constantly reapplying?

Sweat Cosmetics

 Try Sweat Cosmetics (click here to visit their website), a mineral powder uniquely designed for the active woman.  Sweat has been formulated with a high-quality blend of minerals and is free of oil, fragrances, and silicone. The formula does not contain talc, artificial dyes, or parabens. Sweat Cosmetics uses all natural sunscreen instead of chemical sunscreen like many cosmetics do. Sweat’s mineral powder contains an SPF of 30, which is higher than most mineral makeups with added sunscreen.

 Sweat Cosmetics have also been formulated with unique ingredients for added benefits. These include: Milk Thistle Extract an anti-inflammatory that helps mitigate DNA damage caused by UV rays; Rhodiola Rosea a potent antioxidant with anti-aging properties; and Vitamin E an antioxidant that is both moisturizing and rejuvenating.

 The reusable brush has natural bristles; you clean it with regular soap and water. The mineral foundation powder provides a bit more coverage than translucent powder which layers easily over any foundation makeup.

 Are you thinking “Why do I need SPF in winter?”. Yes, there is sun in winter that can cause skin cancer or give you wrinkles. It’s so easy to forget that when you’re shivering from cold, but snow skiers get sunburns all the time due to sun reflecting off the snow.  My constant use of sunscreen keeps me looking 10 years younger than I actually am. Sweat mineral powder is a quick easy way to add SPF to your daily routine.

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