People are just now starting to realize how scent is related to a person’s state of mind. You can use aromatherapy to manage headaches, many yoga teachers are incorporating scents into their routines to promote relaxation. The sense of smell is a powerful psychological tool. Not always for good. One time I purchased a brand new bottle of Coco Chanel’s Chance for a dinner with a boyfriend wanting this perfume to always remind me of the night he proposed. He dumped me instead. I know it’s not your fault Coco but Chance is now the perfume of devastation for me.

Organic Aromas Diffusers

When I was sent an Organic Aromas Nebulizing Diffuser I was like “whatever, it’s just essential oil”. But after trying it, it really is different. Organic Aromas diffusers come in many different gorgeous styles, and they’re quiet and safe, make almost no noise, aren’t messy and do not use any water. If you can believe it, they use air alone to distribute scent.  It’s called the Benoulli process and it works by …. I’m sorry, you’re going to have read it for yourself. I read it three times and it made no sense to me! It has something to do with air currents?  

But here’s what I did understand:

No heat make Organic Aromas diffusers much safer than candle based styles and mean the scent isn’t alerted.

No water means the scent isn’t diluted.

Since the diffuser is made of glass the oil never comes in contacts with plastics so the oil is in its purest state when its diffusing providing you with all the therapeutic benefits of the oils.

A few things: always get your oils from a reputable source.  Blended oils with artificial scents can be unhealthy. Try to avoid touching essential oils some can burn the skin.  Store essential oils in dark colored glass containers rather than plastic ones.  Contact with oxygen can quickly spoil or ruin an essential oil so keep them tightly closed.

Most importantly, NEVER CONSUME ESSENTIAL OILS! I cannot stress this enough. I know some recipes contain them, but they are seriously dangerous. NEVER EVER consume essential oils.

Okay now that my mom impersonation is over, do you want to try an Organic Aromatics Diffuser for FREE! We’re giving one away. Leave a comment below, “Like” their Facebook page and you could win.