Well it’s black Friday . The day humanity decided that getting a flat screen TV for $200 makes it okay to punch strangers in the face. Here at Bridgette Raes we have a much better suggestion. Make yourself a plate of leftovers, plop your butt down in a chair and do all your holiday shopping online!  We’re featuring some of our past Fab Finds that we think will make great gift ideas.

Friday’s Fab Finds That Make Great Gift Ideas

We begin with our perennial favorite Beekman 1802. I suggest you buy several bars of their amazing soap and a few giftbags. When that unexpected gift comes your way (and you know it will) you’ll have something to give them.  Check out Beekman’s Holiday collection from Bed, Bath and Beyond.

If you want something made to order Isabella Grace Jewelry provides deeply personalized one of a kind items, that will be treasured for years to come. If you want jewelry to do double duty Looking Glass necklaces are beautiful and guarantee you will always have a magnifying glass at your fingertips. Now you can design it yourself. Bridgette Raes readers get an exclusive deal. Buy 1 – get 10% off!  use coupon code : Raes10 Buy 2 – get 20% off! use coupon code : Raes20 Buy 3 – get 30% off!  use coupon code : Raes30.

Any woman would love a gift certificate to Campbell and Kate to get a personalized shirt with a perfect fit.

Need something for someone who travels a lot? Savvy Travelers are perfect for them.   And who doesn’t love a reliable way to transport perfume?   Whether in your purse or in your carry-on Travelo will keep your scents safe.

Looking for a gift that gives back? Revo Sunglasses are durable high-quality sunglasses that donates money to fight blindness and vision impairment all over the world.  Pets with Paws  offers fashionable cruelty free pet carriers made from sustainable materials and donates part of their profits to Tree for the Future; for every carrier you buy a tree is planted! 

Who doesn’t love a cozy scarf to guard against winter winds? Obakki Foundation  works to provide safe drinking water to those in need.

Happy Shopping and have a joyous holiday season.