I started wearing eyeglasses when I was 14 or 15. My mother Jo for weeks ranted about how much they cost and how furious she’d be when I lost them. But I never did lose them. As far I know they might still be sitting in my old medicine cabinet. I only put them there when I needed to update my prescription. I pointed this out to Jo who replied “I’m going to be so furious when you lose this pair”. 

Eyeglasses are worn by roughly 75% of adults in this country. They are NOT luxuries. Yet thanks to a monopoly they are overpriced to an almost obscene degree. 

Zenni Optical

My friend Laura has been using Zenni Optical to keep her eyewear affordable for years now. Check out their site yourself.  When I misplaced a pair, while unemployed, she told me about them. I called them up. The glasses I wanted were listed at $6.95!  But how expensive were they with the lenses? Wait, that IS with the lenses? After I finished placing my order the total came to, drumroll please, $19.11, which included the priority shipping I had requested. 

I received my glasses from Zenni Optical last week and I love them so much. The frames seem a little flimsy, but not more flimsy than that nearly identical pair I purchased for a whooping $117. I mean I know there’s overhead but COME ON. I’m planning on ordering another pair so I always have a backup. I’m even going to get a crazy colorful pair to wear just for fun. 

This morning I informed the woman in front of me  for a coffee, who was bemoaning a lost pair of reading glasses.  “These were less than $20”, I told her.  She didn’t seem to care, but man running the cart demanded I write down the website and gave me my buttered sesame bagel for free.

Get 10% off your first order at Zenni Optical

Head to Zenni Optical  (zennioptical.com) get 10% percent off your first order when you sign up for the newsletter. They appear to be having some specials throughout the holidays so keep checking back.  

Check out Zenni Optical’s California Collection commercial featuring the lovely and amazing redheaded Amanda Fields Bennett