A friend I had in Seattle came to visit me in New York and noted “You walk so much faster now!” It’s true. I was your classic sidewalk dawdler in Seattle. But here in New York, I don’t have time. I have things to do! I have places to be! Get out of my way Tourist or I WILL knock you down (okay I would never do that).

In September I had a haircut and everyone loved that the stylist straightened it out when she was finished. I did too. But it took almost twenty minutes for her to do that. As much I loved the way it looked, I wasn’t willing to spend so much (and it would certainly take long for me to do it) time on my hair every morning.

Luma Brush

Now I don’t have to take forever to do my hair. Luma Brush (visit website here) is a wonderful hairbrush shaped device with a ceramic base that heats up so you can brush your hair straight in only 3 to 5 minutes. Turn the brush on (you’ll know it’s ready when the indicator light turns from red to green) and slowly brush through your hair making sure hair is pulled over the ceramic base (turquoise part) and that’s it. 

The brush will automatically shut itself off after 15 minutes.

Be sure to never use the Luma Brush on wet hair. If water were to get into the base, there is a risk of electrical shock. The ceramic brush head is surrounded by plastic heat insulated bristles and the same bristles are also located on the tips of the turquoise ceramic head designed to protect your scalp from touching the heated ceramic part of the brush. You should always avoid direct contact when the brush is hot.

Ready to try Luma Brush for yourself or give it as the perfect gift for that teenager who already spends WAY too much time in the bathroom? Use the Code Luma10 to get 10% off your order!