It’s 2017 and what has been called the worst year ever, 2016, is behind us.  Regardless of your experience with last year, January 1st always feels like a restart or a fresh page.  Even if it is all psychological, most people feel optimistic when the new year rolls around, despite the fact that most resolutions fail by February and our own personal histories prove resolutions take more than setting a bunch of intentions.

In order for resolutions and goals to stick they require action.  Ugh, I know.  It’s the action part that always gets the best of intentioned stuck.  While there are many different actions that are necessary in making goals become a reality, today I want to touch on how personal style and fashion can help make them happen.

Below, I have listed four common new year goals and how your personal style can make these dreams come true.  I promise you, just following the advice below won’t get you were you want to go, but they will certainly be part of the support system to help make these goals happen.

Get a new job or a promotion

Do you have a goal to get a new job or a promotion?  Certainly, you have heard the tip to dress for the job you want, not the job you have.  The advice may seem trite, but it something to consider.  It’s easy to fall into an acceptable work wardrobe slump of a “this will do” mentality. Plus, when you feel better you perform better, put yourself out there more and gain greater confidence, all things necessary for getting noticed for the right reasons for work.

But what if you don’t have the right wardrobe for that new job or that promotion?  What if you plan on changing industries, networking or are just getting started?  Sure, it is easy do dress for the job you want when you have the clothes.  But what if you don’t?  Here are some easy tips for creating a promotion-worthy wardrobe, how to dress like a “ladyboss” and how to create a starter work wardrobe capsule that you can expand upon as you grow your work wardrobe.  If you want more in-depth help, here is a link to my online dress for success course.

Find love

If one of your goals is to find love this year, there are a few things you can do to help it come to fruition.  My first tip is to prepare for love.  This can be done in a few ways and it start with the love of self.  Longing for love can often lead to desperation and a focus on what is missing.  Love rarely comes calling with these feelings in mind, which is why we often meet someone when we least expect it.  So how do you create love when you’re alone?  You create an energy of love by loving yourself.

Do you go out and buy new underwear that makes you feel sexy?  Do you give yourself permission to add a little luxury to your life?  Do you take a class that you’re really interested in?  The answer is yes, to all of it and more.  Love, in general, often alludes us when we restrict or deny ourselves things that would bring us joy or pleasure.  Be your own recipient of love before you share it with someone else.

Moving in the style aspect of this.  How often have you not allowed yourself to live full out in what you wear?  Think about how different you feel and act when you love the way you look.  It makes a huge difference.  This might be the perfect time for a wardrobe purge and keep only what sparks joy.

Lastly, it’s time to add items to your closet that you love and want to wear on a date, or even before you find your partner.  After all, love won’t knock on your door when you are sitting around binging on Netflix.  You don’t need a lot of pieces, you will probably go on a few first dates making wearing the same things over and over perfectly acceptable.   A few date tops, one or two dresses, a nice pair of pants, a cool pair of jeans and some fun jewelry and shoes should be sufficient.


Diane Von Furstenberg sheath, KUT faux leather drape jacket, Free People wrap top, Trouve crossover tunic, Trouve faux leather leggings, MICHAEL Michael Kors lace-up tunic sweater

Lose weight

Last July I started working out again.  Since then I basically go to the gym every single day.  If I don’t make it daily, no more than two days go by before I was back to working out.  I can’t say I have always been this successful, but something clicked and now going to the gym is just part of my daily routine.  It also doesn’t hurt that my gym is literally 82 steps from the front door of my apartment.

If you have made many failed attempts at working out, all is not lost, I am living proof of this.  And if I can give you one tip about style in regards to it, start small.  I think we often get lost in the preparation of exercise because it is so much more fun than actually doing it.  I mean, aren’t there enough treadmills in bedrooms that are used as personal valets out there to prove this?   Before you go hog wild on new workout clothes, just try to get to the gym, or out there walking, or to a few yoga classes before you pull the trigger on a new gym wardrobe. You can always spot the person who isn’t all that committed by their perfect workout clothes and not hustle. Perhaps buy a FitBit and start tracking your steps.  Invest in a couple of new sports bras, a new pair of sneakers, and maybe a few bottoms.  Your old tank tops and t-shirts can suffice until you find your groove.


Nike FS Run Lite, FitBit Alta, Zella cropped leggings, Panache sports bra, Zella Rise Above tee

Get out of debt and save money

Everyone wants to make more money. It’s a goal that most people never give up on, no matter how much more of it they make year after year.  If you’re looking to save money, there are quite a few ways to do this with your clothes.

The first is to know the cycles of sales at the stores.  In fact, January is one of the best months because stores are looking to unload all their fall/winter inventory for spring deliveries.  You can get some of the best sales this way.  Just staying tuned in to the sale cycles of your favorite stores can help ensure you get the best deals.  What my mom, the world’s greatest bargain shopper, does is do a sweep of the stores every season and then watches her favorites online until these pieces go on sale.  It takes patience to do it this way, but it does pay off.  You can also sign up for my weekly style updates to get a copy of my own shopping calendar that lists what you can find in the stores month by month.

Also, check out this post on how to have style when you are broke for advice on being stylish on a budget.  Just remember, there is a big difference between being cheap and being frugal.  You can read more about that here.

While it does sound counterintuitive at first, have you ever considered hiring a professional stylist to help you with your wardrobe?  Sure, it’s money spent, but often money well spent (depending on who you hire.)  Speaking from my own experience, clients have told me that hiring me saved them thousands on failed clothing purchases.  Yes, I actually save women money.

I do believe in the “if you build it, they will come” mindset, however, this also includes taking action.  What can you do differently this year to ensure that in 2018 you won’t be setting the same goals.  Remember, the same actions often yield the same results, so shake up that wardrobe and shake up your life at the same time.