Women take such great care of their faces, I’m always surprised to realize how often they forget about their chests and their décolleté. This can result in crepey, wrinkled skin that is very aging. But it’s not just forgetting to apply sunscreen that can create these wrinkles. It’s estimated 86% of women sleep on their sides (I do). Simple gravity pulling your girls down can create terrible wrinkles. And all the moisturizer in the world can’t fix that. But one thing can… aside from a turtleneck.

Skin Innovation Overnight from SiO Beauty

Recently I was sent a sample of a new system Skin Innovation Overnight from SiO Beauty. It’s specifically designed to smooth and hydrate the skin on your chest. After cleaning the area thoroughly, (you can use SiO Décolleté Cleaning Discs which cleans away oils and exfoliates your chest) dry, apply the SiO Skin Pad to your chest and wear it overnight. The medical grade silicone boosts your natural collagen production and results can be seen as soon after the first use. The pad can create some irradiation similar to fruit acids. Your skin may have a rosy glow for several minutes after you remove the pad. If the pinkness lasts for more than a few minutes or your skin feels irritated immediately discontinue use.   Rinse the pad, allow it to air dry and place it in the envelope. It can be used up to 15 times.

Most online reviewers raved at about the system but a few of the complained of skin irritation even from people who say their skin isn’t usually sensitive. I noticed a change in my skin right away. It was smoother and noticeably hydrated. The sample I was given came with a décolleté serum for the morning after to keep your skin hydrated during the day.  Each product can be used individually.

The SiO Décolleté Cleaning evening anti aging prep retails for $45 for 30 discs. SiO décolleté serum costs $135 for 1 oz.  and SiO Skinpad overnight décolleté wrinkle smoother costs $99.95 for 2 pads.

This products is not cheap, but the items will last up to a month and the results will be worth it.