Rupaul’s Drag Race is one of my all time favorite shows. When Rupaul came out with a perfume “Glamazon” I was eager to try some. But when I went to Ricky’s in New York City they did’t have any samples! I was not going to buy perfume without trying it on. As a teen, I saved up my money to buy Yves St Laurent’s Paris. An hour after I put it on, I smelled like roses…and weirdly tomato juice. I still have no idea what that was about. But my body chemistry clashed wildly with one of the ingredients. I will never buy a perfume now without first putting some on and wearing it for a little while.  It makes me ache sometimes. I’ll go online to Sephora and see all these pretty pretty bottles and want them! I’m so tempted to type in my credit card, but I learned my lesson.


Yet, trying out new perfumes is one of my favorite things in the world. My roommate, the lovely and amazing Lauren Steinmeyer, told me about Scentbird (website here).  It’s a fun and simple new way to try out a new perfume every month. For only $14.95 you receive a  0.27 spray bottle (travel friendly!) of a fragrance you choose delivered directly to your door. The bottle should last roughly 30 days with regular use. There a over 450 perfumes to choose from so you can  “date” perfumes before “marrying” them.  And no worries about getting fake perfumes (never buy perfume from a non-reputable location; another lesson learned).  Scentbird pairs directly with top brands/wholesalers and only sell 100% authentic fragrances.

Scentbird makes a great gift. I love giving perfume, but, scent being so personal, it’s difficult to know what a person will like.   To make it easier, Scentbird offers a quiz the recipient can take if they aren’t sure what perfume they want.

 If there’s a downside to this subscription, I’m not sure what it is.  Check out Scentbird today here.