I love perfume.If you read this feature regularly you already know that. Growing up, my late Grandmother OC lived in Avon perfumes. No offense to OC, but, that experience taught me, perfume is something worth spending some serious money on.

I am always on the lookout for a new perfume supplier, and now I’ve found an amazing one.


Phlur (website here) is a wonderful new company whose goal is to create amazing, high quality, cruelty-free perfumes.  Founder Eric Korman is quoted on the website “Fragrance is an experience, not a product.”

He makes an excellent point. Scent is the sense most tied to memory. Phlur knows that fragrance is meant to be experienced on skin; that squirting perfume on paper in no way indicates how it will interact with your personal chemistry.

Phlur will send you two small bottles of scent for $10 and will give you a $10 credit when you order a full sized bottle. Of course, trying a scent sampling is always critical, but Phlur goes beyond that.

Responsible, sustainable practices

Phlur is determined to use only responsible, sustainable practices to harvest ingredients.  They work closely with their partners to ensure their products and processes are as ecological as possible. Their suppliers are committed to supporting the communities that make their products available. And for every bottle sold, Phlur donates $5 to support sustainable initiatives.

Phlur even created an alternative to natural Indian sandalwood when they realized it was being harvested to near extinction. Phlur labs successfully created a scent called Hanami that is indistinguishable from natural sandalwood. Better than that, it’s safe for skin and the environment.

Phlur even took the time to design a better bottle! Light can alter scent (so can heat, keep your perfumes someplace cool).  Phlur makes a completely opaque bottle and made with 20% recycled glass.

Check Phlur out here.