In my early 20’s I hated shopping in the “Women’s” size for so many reasons. Mostly because the clothes were unflattering shapeless sacks. I made a decision. I was going to learn how to sew. I found a community college giving a course in the basics of sewing. I told a friend about my plan and she took me to a store.

My plan was great. Except the only patterns available for my size were the same unflattering shapeless sacks. I was happy I hadn’t paid for the course yet.

A few years after I moved to New York. I found a new love. Shopping in vintage stores. I found shoes, scarves and jewelry but no clothes in my size. I saw a women on the subway wearing the most amazing 40’s style dress which was clearly brand new. She told me she found a place online that selling them and I wrote down the website. I was so excited to go shopping…and found nothing in my size.

I gave up.

I guess the message from the fashion industry is you’re over a size 6, death really is your only option (kidding!…I think) if you want vintage style clothes. Then I learned of a little miracle called Etsy. I fruitlessly searched until I found New Vintage Lady (website here).

New Vintage Lady

New Vintage Lady sells an assortment of items with vintage as the theme. Clothing items, even vintage comics, accessories and, my favorite, vintage style clothing patterns in larger sizes for men and women. Some must be mail ordered, but some are available for PDF downloads. I am so in love with this 40’s style wrap dress. You can have items custom made for you, which is good for me. I never did take those sewing lessons.