I loved doing gymnastics as a child. I tried to keep it up thinking I’d compete in college.

Then I turned 11 and the girls showed up. I was already a B cup in the 5th Grade.  Running became painful and I often had to wear two bras.

But I’m getting older and I need to get more regular exercise and now I’m a little worried. I’m up to a DD  and sometimes I have to hold my chest when I walk down stairs quickly. There’s no way around it. I’ve got them heavy boobs.  I tried a few sports bra. They helped. But not enough. They didn’t fit especially well and were uncomfortable.

Panache Sports Bras

I received a sports bra from Panache Lingerie. Not only was it very comfortable but it locked the girls down tight. It was so gorgeous I don’t want to wear my shirt  But more importantly it fits!  I found out that this is Bridgette Raes’ favorite sports bras too.

A solid comfortable support bra is so important for exercising. Up. Down. Sideways. When you move during exercise, so do your breasts. Again, and again, and again. This repetitive bouncing can stress, stretch and irreversibly damage the cooper’s ligaments – the connective tissue that holds up and maintains the shape of your breasts. And damage there can cause your breasts to sag and droop. By properly supporting your breasts during exercise, Panache Sports Bras dramatically reduces movement in all directions.

Panache Sports Bras have won a 2015 Erie award  for their great fit and full support. You can use their online fitting guide or watch the video.  Panache Lingerie also offers some beautiful lingerie and fun swimwear. They even have a line of bras and underwear, Sculptress, specifically designed for women with curves.  

Check out Panache Sports Bras on their site.  You can also find Panache at some of your favorite retailers.  

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