Getting dressed this time of year in New York City is not easy. It’s not just the ferociously competitive nature of Manhattan fashion, it’s the weather.  One morning in March I awoke awash in sweat as my radiator was on even though it was 63 degrees. I was boiling alive. Later than day the mercury hit 70. 5 days later, it was 19 degrees with huge wind gusts and a snowstorm hit.  How can one dress for such wildly unpredictable? I was sent a shirt from Colcouture saying it was ‘perfect for layering’ I was thinking “I’ll be the judge of that!”

I was and it is.


If you are a regular reader of this column you know, we love a good shirt here. Just last year I discovered Vaughan shirts.  They are versatile and easy to wear.         

 Like Vaughan, Colcouture shirts (website here) are versatile and easy to wear but in a different way.  The body material is made from an elastane jersey. It’s comfortable and soft, plus it hangs well and doesn’t add bulk. If you feel it needs ironing (the material resists wrinkling) just a quick spot iron will be plenty.  They sit on the perfect spot on your hip so it looks good, whether or not you tuck it in. The styling is seasonless so you can wear it all year long.

 Then there is my favorite part, the collar and cuffs! I can’t be the only person who loves these features in their shirts. Perfectly cut with excellent detailing, I love the fabric covered buttons and the tight stitching.

Colcouture shirts are very high quality. The main supplier they use also supplies several shirt makers on Jermyn Street in London – renowned for being home to some of the finest shirt makers in the world.

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