Whoever said money can’t buy happiness simply didn’t know where to go shopping. -Bo Derek

There are so many amazing and wonderful things about living in New York. I couldn’t begin to tell you which is my favorite. I doubt I could even narrow it down to a top one hundred. But of the many thing I love, sample sales are AWESOME.

If you are not from New York, a sample sale is just a sale is similar to any other sale where retailers offer steeply discounted merchandise. Historically, sample sales were opportunities to sell off sample pieces used in the advanced selling of the season.

But in New York, sample sales typically refers to designer’s sample sales where high end retailers burn off stock. Gucci, Hermes, Prada don’t want to have sales in their flagship stores, so they send them offsite. Some of the deals can be amazing.  My first sample sale is where I purchased a Marc Jacobs leather wallet for 82% off the original price. I remember rubbing the wallet against my face and thinking “Oh THAT’S what people mean when they say the leather was like butter”

Of course, unless you live in a major metropolitan area these sales are off limits to you. That is until now.


Larry and Richard Birnbaum created a website where you can find high end luxury goods for a fraction of the cost. Welcome to Shopworn.  Click here for more.

Shopworn features goods obtained directly from the retailers. These items are NOT preowned. They are either display items or sale items that didn’t move. Shopworn inspects each item to make sure it’s not damaged. Admittedly, the price points for many of the items far exceeds your average consumer but as CEO Ricahrd Birnbaum explains “Our diverse assortment of luxury goods, offered at exceptional values, makes us the go-to source for the savvy consumer seeking something special, whether it’s a self-purchased Swiss timepiece or a gift for a special occasion.”

Check out Shopworn here and take an additional 10% your first purchase when you sign up for their mailing list!