Winter in New York seems determined to hang on for a ridiculous amount of time. The biggest problem with that is the radiator makes the air SO DRY.  My cat isn’t speaking to me because every time she comes to me for a scratch I shock her.

Seriously, I had nose bleeds. The air is that dry.

The static cling is my clothes is annoying beyond words. One day right before, a big meeting, my dress was hiking up due to some severe static cling. My former boss had a great tip. I sprayed my dress with hairspray. It worked great on the static cling.

Two small problems, however. I had hairspray all over my dress and I reeked of hairspray.  The meeting was a disaster and I was fired a month later. It was either because I reeked of hairspray or because I was grossly incompetent at my job. It was probably the hairspray.

Static Schmatic

Earlier this month I received a bottle of Static Schmatic (website here). The founders wanted a solution that was all natural, safe for the environment, and odor-free.  They teamed up with a natural chemist who created a formula that was just that. Each product of Static Schmatic is different, but each one contains only all natural ingredients like, aloe vera, salt, and coconut oil, to name a few.   The company uses sustainable sourced ingredients made in small batches to ensure quality, manufactured in USA.

After trying it, it really does work.  Just a few squirts and my dress wasn’t clinging. There is a version for hair and for pets, but don’t spray directly on your pets.. The spray is completely safe, but spray it onto brush or on your hand before applying to your animal.

Win a bottle of Static Schmatic

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