I hate fashion week. HATE HATE HATE it. People tell me they are jealous. They want to go to fashion week! If you do it will be fun exactly one time. Your first show. After that it’s a very sexy, well-lit glamorous version of the Bataan Death March. I spent the entire week racing from show to show, all over town, being treated like crap.  My feet ache for days afterward. I am beyond exhausted physically and emotionally.

In September of last year I was horrified to arrive at my apartment only to discover I couldn’t find my keys. Thankfully my roommate was home and let me in. I searched my room for an hour but didn’t find them. I dumped out my bag to find  fashion week schedule so I could figure out where I left them…and I found my keys.

That’s right I lost my keys in my purse.

Finders Key Purse

Like most Manhattan women I carry a BIG handbag that contains my entire life. Extra pair of socks, subway map, hand cream, gum, makeup, gardening trowel, flashlight, 2 liter bottle of Diet Coke, complete works of William Shakespeare, beach towel, DVD player, etc.

How do you find your keys when they fall under that?

Flight attendant Sandy Stein needed to find a way to supplement her income after having her hours cut back. But how?  Could she come up with a simple inexpensive product to solve an everyday need? Yup. That’s how she invented Finders Key Purse.  Website here.

Finders Key Purse is a simple decorative hook that hangs outside of your purse while another hook where you clip your keys, hangs on the inside ensuring your keys are always at your fingertips.

There are dozens of designs, so you can find a Finders Key Purse for every taste. I have purchased a handful to give as inexpensive and useful gifts.  It’s such a helpful item.

Do you want your own Finders Key Purse? For one week get 20% off their order when they use the code “RAES” at checkout!