I don’t wear a lot of makeup. I do wear lipstick and tinted moisturizer (with SPF 30, you need to wear sunscreen. I cannot stress this enough), but I tend to avoid eye makeup. Mascara has never been my friend. It always clumps or runs, and I hated how when I’d wash it off at night it always took a few lashes with it down the drain.  I figured the only solution was to never wear mascara again. I thought wrong.

Radiant Complex Lash Primer

I received a tube of lash primer, a product I was only vaguely aware of, from Radiant Complex.  I confess I dismissed it. More junk for my makeup drawer. Then I tried it. Using a light hand (very important) when applying similar to applying mascara. If you find too much is going onto your lash try holding the wand still and ‘blinking’ the primer on. Some people prefer to let the primer dry before putting on mascara. Others prefer to apply mascara before it dries. Just know the primer dries very quickly.

I loved it.  Radiant Complex Lash Primer kept my mascara from clumping (I don’t care how many magazines say ‘tarantula’ mascara is NOT the next big thing!) or flaking and made it much easier to remove. You can also use it to tame brows as it dries matte and isn’t noticeable. But don’t take my word for it! Check out these Amazon reviews which are overwhelming positive!

During this week take 20% off your purchase with Radiant Complex when you use the coupon code “RADIANT20 “at checkout. Radiant Complex specializes in primers and serums designed to keep your makeup looking fresh and staying in place all day at very reasonable prices.

A few tips when it comes to mascara from several makeup artist I met backstage at fashion week!

  • Do not pump your mascara wand before applying. If there is too much mascara on the wand wipe with a tissue. Pumping increases the chance air will enter to the tube which can cause your mascara to dry out.
  • Discard a tube of mascara six months after you open it. Bacteria can contaminate the mascara and give you an eye infection which is some cases caused people to lose an eye.
  • NEVER share your mascara. I noticed professional makeup artists will purchase giant bags of mascara wands, use each one once and toss away. Sharing mascara wands is a great way to spread bacteria and germs
  • Curl your lashes BEFORE you apply mascara to avoid breakage
  • Don’t forget to apply mascara to the back of your lashes

Check out Radiant Complex Lash Primer here.