“Sometimes I think, maybe it’s time to change my hair.  I have been wearing it past my shoulders since… What year did Duran Duran’s “Union of the Snake “hit #1?”

I like having long hair. It’s so versatile. Braid it, straighten it, curl it, pack it tight into a ponytail or it wear down.  Growing up in a military town, enlisted women only had two hairstyles, extremely short or extremely long so the hair could be swooped up into a bun that kept it out of their way.  Of course, every woman who wears her hair long needs to have a hair tie on her person at all times.

And that’s the problem. Who hasn’t been there? Dumping your purse out muttering “I thought I put a hair tie in here yesterday,” forgetting that you also took it out yesterday to tie up your hair.  There’s the classic standby of just looping the band around your wrist, but this, what seems like an easy solution, quickly reveals itself to be the bad idea it is, when your hand starts to turn purple from lack of circulation. Then you put the tie in your hair only to have a red band of indented flesh on your wrist for the rest of the day.  Yikes.

But what else can you do?

Maria Shireen Hair Tie Bracelets

Maria Shrieen hair tie bracelets makes sure you always have a hair tie comfortably at hand.  Check out their website here.   These bracelets, also known as Bittersweets, are sleek trendy bracelets with a groove for you put your hair tie in.  They come in variety of colors, styles, and price points and look good even when you don’t have a hair tie on them. You can also buy bracelets to support a charity or have them engraved, all while knowing you can tie up your hair whenever you want.

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