Leading up to May my work was relatively quiet.  It wasn’t surprising, but I was wondering if I was going to have to fill out a job application at Starbucks, or something.  It seemed business was slow everywhere.  My work being quite seasonal, I partially blamed the late spring we had this year in New York; everyone was hibernating a little longer.  Other business owners I know seemed to think it was the election that altered the spending choices of most Americans.  Whatever the reason, I definitely made up for it in May.  Business was right back on track.   Thank God.

With everyone out and shopping again, I am sharing some of the purchases made by my clients.  Unfortunately, this isn’t all of it.  Some things are long sold out and other items aren’t available online.  But, not to worry, there is still plenty to check out.  You can click the images to shop for yourself.

Client Purchases in May


Okay, I am going to start out by hitting you with a bit of sticker shock.  This month my clients invested in jackets and many of these styles are expensive.  Akris Punto is one of my favorite, favorite, favorite lines for women interested non-suited career looks.  As you can see, many of the styles chosen came from this line.   If you really want to get to know this incredible label, Saks is probably the best place to do it.  They carry a comprehensive line along with pieces designed exclusively for the retailer.

Speaking of jackets in general, this is what I wish I could find: jackets like this at a more moderate price point.  As women are abandoning suited looks for work and want complete outfits, there is a huge lack of well priced, sharp blazers out there for women who don’t have over $1,000 to spend on one piece.


There was definitely more variety, including price point, when it came to dresses.  Many clients like to wear dresses casually in addition to needing work styles.  Despite the price, the Akris Punto dress (top left) was very popular.  I have nicknamed it the Lifesavers dress.  And how can you not love the pineapple dress?  When I saw it for a client I thought she was going to think I was crazy for selecting it.  Turns out she loved it.


The stores are flooded with cold shoulder tops.  Problem is, I have only one client who actually will wear one.  I get it, it’s a trend, but, dear fashion, must you oversaturate a trend by sticking it on every top in the stores?  The top left style from Ann Taylor was bought by my single client who likes the style.  The two Reiss tops were bought by one client who fell in love with the styles for work.  One thing to keep in mind, Reiss runs terribly small. The Nic + Zoe style was purchased by a client who needed a top for work that looked finished without a layering piece, and the Eileen Fisher style was bought in several colors by a client who can’t stand the feeling of tanks and wanted an easy layering piece that didn’t sit too close to the body.


When it comes to pants, clients don’t mind investing if they know they will get a good fit.  This past month, some of my favorite perennial styles were chosen.  The Theory pants have looked good on just about everyone. Several clients purchased the Peserico printed pants, as well as the white and blue pair, that look chic for both casual and work.  Akris Punto’s Franca pant is another universally flattering style and I have never seen anyone look bad in Piazza Sempione’s Audrey pants.

Cardigans and Wraps

I worked with one client this month who told me she loves kimonos in lieu of cardigans. Wanting to help her find some new styles, I hit the motherlode with Anthropologie. I have to admit, after finding these styles, I might be turned on to the look too. The Theory cardigan was purchased by several clients. One loved it so much that she bought it again when she left the first one she bought in a hotel room.


The top priority for all of my clients is comfort.  This month was no exception.  What has continued to impress me is how comfort brands are upping their games.  For example, The nude slingback kitten heel pumps from Clark’s.  If you didn’t know the brand you would never think they were from them.  The blush Naturalizer ankle strap sandals are so chic, if I wore ankle straps I’d be all over them, the Frye Melanie slip on sneakers continue to be everybody’s favorite sneaker, and let’s all welcome back the 90’s with these Vince slides in gorgeous orange.  These are just a few of the styles my clients bought in May.

Jewelry and scarves

You may be surprised to hear that I always find some fun accessories at Banana Republic.  I think I like their jewelry more than their clothes.  One of my clients scooped up a few pieces of there.  What was also fab was the Nic + Zoe scarf.  I love their summer scarves.  They feel amazing and are really drapey.  Lastly, the layered necklace from Karine Sultan has been a hit for clients looking for a simple layering piece to fill in necklines.

I hope you liked this review of client purchases and found a few buys for yourself.