We all have categories of clothing in our closets, like work clothes, fun weekend clothes, dressy clothes, and so on.  The current heatwave we are in the middle of in NYC reminded me that it is also important to have super casual clothing for summer.  You know the types of clothing I am talking about, you probably own them.  They’re not necessarily the most stylish items you own but they feel bearable to wear on hot days.  They’re what you wear to run errands, go the park, spend time with the kids, hang around the house, meet friends casually, and so on.  It might seem ridiculous to buy super casual clothing for this part of your life, but think about how much time you spend doing these more mundane things.  When it is 95 degrees outside you’ll want something to wear.

Super Casual Shopping Picks for Summer Style

In today’s post I am sharing some summer shopping picks for the super casual part of your life.  You can just throw these pieces on, keep cool and feel good about what you are wearing at the same time.

Dresses, Rompers and Jumpsuits

I am starting with dresses because I believe they are the most versatile super casual pieces to wear in the summer.  They allow you to look stylish while being cool at the same time.  In addition, they can also be dressed up and down.  You can take a look at this post for more tips on this.  Check out all these styles to choose from below.

Summer Tops

Next up, summer tops.  I always need a few styles in my wardrobe.  Personally, I always pick up a few Lucky Brand tops for the summer because I like the way they look finished without a lot of fuss or need to over accessorize.  I also find they are easy to dress up and down.  Below you’ll find some super casual tops to choose from, some with sleeves and some without.  I know how important sleeves can be.

Summer Skirts

Skirts can be a smart alternative to shorts, particularly for those who wouldn’t be caught dead in shorts.  Here are some super casual styles to check out that will look feminine but can still be worn on the most laid back of days.


I don’t wear long pants in the summer, but, for some reason, showing a little bit of ankle makes me feel more summery when I wear cropped styles.  On my in-office days and on the weekends, I will admit, I wear my casual cropped cargos.  Not the pinnacle of style, I know, but they are really comfortable.  Check out these summery pants styles if you prefer not to bare your legs.


For those of you who wear shorts in the summer I am sharing some super casual styles.  When it gets super hot I do wear denim Bermudas.  My legs may be large and pasty but on days when I am running around in 99 degree weather it hardly matters to me.  Even if you don’t plan on wearing them past the boundary of your front yard, I think having one pair of shorts on hand can be a benefit.  Here are some styles.

Sandals and summer shoes

I can’t forget about good, comfortable summer sandals for super casual days.  Typically these are styles that are more about comfort and fit than they are about fashion.  This is not to say they can’t be cute, but, typically, on casual days it’s not about teetering around in fancy uncomfortable sandals, well, at least for the average person.  Here are some styles to check out.

As you survive the summer heat, I hope these pieces give you some shopping ideas for looking and feeling good on super casual days.  Are there any super casual brands you love or rely on in the summer?  Tell me about them in the comments!