Thanks to my super annoying new doctor who, says nutty things to me like “watch your salt intake, give up soda, be more active,” I’m actually doing boring tedious stuff like reading food labels, limiting my Mountain Dew intake and <GASP> doing Yoga (which FYI is WAY harder than it looks).

One big problem I’ve run into is I own only one outfit that could be considered active wear. Now that’s I’ve lost a few pounds it doesn’t fit!  As much as regular clothes shopping annoys me, can you even begin to imagine how much shopping for active wear enrages me? Active wear can be pretty binding, so pulling it on or off in a dressing room can involve a surprising amount of grunting and swearing. Not to mention my complete lack of knowledge regarding workout gear. I have to grill some poor sales clerk for hours only to find out, they won’t have what I want in stock and to come back the following week.


This is reason 16,429 why I love using subscription services and this one has come along in the nick of time. SweatStyle provides you will with personalized workout gear delivered directly to your home.  Check out their website here.

Here’s how it works. You sign up and fill out an extremely detailed survey  about your sizing, style, preferences, routines, lifestyle and favorite workouts etc. Then a stylist puts together a box for you. Once you get the box, you have 5 days to try everything on and return whatever you don’t want in a pre-paid envelope. Anything you keep will be charged to your card. You pay a $25.00 fee for the service which is credited against the cost of any clothes you keep and if you keep 3 or more items you get 20% off your total purchase.

After checking out several SweatStyle reviews the major plus is how carefully selected the clothes are. Each stylist includes a letter giving specific details on why each item was chosen and includes their work email so you can contact them directly with feedback.  The only real complaint I ran across was the items were occasionally more expensive than the subscriber wanted to spend, even as said subscriber admitted to keeping the items. High quality pieces with strong sturdy construction and chic detailing made them decide to splurge.  SweatStyle  boxes include brands like Alala, Brazil Wear, Nux, Varley and Vie Active among many others. They like to include a mix of well-known brands and smaller up-and-coming ones to keep our offerings fresh, new and exciting. SweatStyle often gets the latest styles before they hit retail stores, so you’ll be the first to sport the new looks!  Currently they don’t work with plus size brands but hope to be soon.

Ready to start working out in style?  Check out SweatStyle here.