I love summer for so many reasons. BBQ, the way it stays light until 9pm, breezy summer dresses and wearing fun colorful sandals. I own at least half a dozen pairs of sandals! But as much as I love them they aren’t necessarily appropriate for every situation. I wouldn’t wear sandals to work.  I don’t like to wear them to theaters as they always have the AC blasting. So many businesses refrigerate their establishments down to 55 degrees. BRR!

The problem with oxfords, loafers many summer shoes is wearing socks with them. Many times socks look ridiculous if you’re wearing a dress, shorts or even pants if they are cropped. I tend to wear oxfords to work, so I purchased several pairs of no show socks.

No show socks are a great idea in theory, but more often than not you find yourself fishing around in your shoe with your finger to try and pull them back up around your ankle or limping because you have the sock bunched up under your arch. Sure, you pull back up knowing you’ll do it again in 30 min.



Given how annoying that is, I’m quite shocked that it took this long for someone to come up with an alternative. Gekks (website here) are odor neutralizing shoes liners that allow you go sockless in a better way and are different from other shoe liners. They come with Gekks Grippers. These adhesive outer layers are stuck to the inside of your shoes (they can be removed). The fastening system on the outside of the liner sticks to the gripper to make sure the liner stays in place. Gekks are thin enough that they do not alter how your shoe fits. No more blisters.

But the big difference between Gekks and other shoe liner is their odor control. Gekks have 99% pure silver yarns made by bonding naturally antimicrobial silver metal to the surface of nylon fiber (NASA uses a similar technology to keep skin clean and odor free on long missions). Unlike other shoe liners that are coated with silver materials, the fiber will not rub off or be washed away. Perfect.

Get $5 off the women’s closet pack and free shipping by visiting their site here.