It’s time to recap another month of client purchases.  This past month was particularly busy with appointments.  Unfortunately, finding many of the pieces my clients bought proved difficult.  We’re coming to the time of the year where, even though the season only really starting, summer clothing is on its way out the door to make room for early fall.  I know, crazy.  It is a perfect time for sales.  I did manage to scrounge up a few things for you to take a look at below.  Let’s get started.

Clients Purchases in June


Dresses are always popular in the summer.  The Peserico dress and tiled Akris Punto style were purchased by a few clients.  The navy drop waist Akris Punto dress looks a lot shorter than it is in person.  It was just lovely paired with a cardigan for the office.  The Max Mara dress was sold with a jacket, which you can see below, and works incredibly well on it’s own with a solid blazer or cardigan or as a suited look with the jacket.


Jackets aren’t incredibly popular in the summer.  These were the only two popular styles (that I could locate online).  The white blazer is a sharp twill style that works incredibly well on petite figures and the jacquard Max Mara jacket looks great on its own or paired with the dress.


With everything being sleeveless these days, cardigans are incredibly important in the summer for arm coverage and keeping warm.  One of my clients picked up a bunch for all her sleeveless dresses.  Shrugs have become so popular I wrote a post on the topic last week.  Another popular style was the white, high-slit casual cardigan from Lord & Taylor.  A few clients bought it for dressy weekends.  I have found it works better if you have a flatter chest.  Wanting to try it for myself, I looked like a big box in it.


This season, tops have been the bane of my existence.  All tops seem to be loose and relaxed, which can be fine with skinny pants, but some variety would be nice.  It’s nearly impossible to find shaped tops that don’t look oversized.  Additionally, does every top need to have cold shoulders?  Again, variety.  Talk about over saturation.  Very few clients have even wanted to consider them, and those who have seem to have done so because there is little else to choose from.  In all my years of dressing women this has been the hardest year for tops.  These are a few that my clients purchased this past month.


When you find pants that work you stick with them.  I have found myself going back to the same  pants well time and time again because they are so perfect.  Theory often fits a variety of body shapes as well as Akris Punto’s Franca pants and Piazza Sempione’s Audrey style.

Shoes and Jewelry.

I feel like there were a lot more shoe purchases made in June, few that I can either find or remember.  Styles like the Cole Haan Tali wedge continues to be the perfect “I can’t wear heels but need to/want to wear them” style, block heels have been updating the wardrobes of many clients and comfort brands have really been stepping up their games.  Never before have I consulted the comfort section of the shoe department like I have lately.

I didn’t do a lot of jewelry shopping with clients in June, but the BCBG necklace was one that was on a display and I had to grab it.  I have been consistently impressed by their accessories.

Plus Size

I put these plus size suggestions in their own category because it is with them that I helped a client create a really nice capsule from scratch.  With plus-size women often feeling neglected by fashion, I also felt it was important to showcase this as a group to show that there are options out there no matter what size you wear.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t find all the pieces online to show you.  This is a real bummer because it would have been nice to showcase an entire capsule that could just be purchase, but, hopefully,  you can get an idea.  We built a palette of navy, cobalt, tan, orange, coral and a little black.  It was such an easy, straightforward grouping of clothing that my client walked out the door knowing exactly what went with what.

I hope my overview of client purchases in June gives you some ideas for your own summer shopping.  Have any questions about the pieces I featured, feel free to leave me a comment.